Less Fuel for Mars to Supply High Earth Orbit

If large scale production is created on Mars, then it would be more efficient to supply high Earth orbit from Mars than from the surface of the Earth.

It would take 60-70% of the fuel to send space based solar panels or satellites to GTO (geostationary transfer orbit).

Here is a Nextbigfuture video describing how SpaceX and Tesla could make self-replicating gigafactories on Mars. Once the first factory that can make a factory and the capabilities to mine and produce all of the supply chain for the factory then the system is self-sufficient to producing more and more. The economics work if the goal is to grow the size and capability on Mars for Mars and for locations beyond Mars (Asteroids and beyond).

Nextbigfuture has a video about accelerating the colonization of low earth orbit with over 2 million people as early as the 2040s.

Earth orbit around the equator would still have Earth’s magnetic field protecting against radiation. A large rotating space station would be able to simulate Earth gravity.
Large scale Mars colonization and low earth orbit colonization and large scale SpaceX fully reusable rocket production would have many opportunities for the creation of a true space economy. Production of space stations, energy generation and space habitats would be needed all over the solar system. Habitats and energy production would be needed to be sent to many places. Mars would more easily support and supply the Asteroid operations.