Elon Musk Interview at the All in Podcast

Elon Musk was interview at the All in Podcast.

There were some highlights.

Elon Musk thinks it is 100% certain that nuclear fusion will technically work. The question is will nuclear fusion be economically viable. Elon thinks nuclear fusion will not be economically viable.

Elon repeated his point that there is a low birthrate problem.

Elon said having kids is not bad for the environment.

Some have said that How can we bring children into the world today? Elon asks, have the people who said this read history? This is now the best time. History was far worse.

0:00 Bestie Guestie Elon Musk joins the besties via Zoom at the All-In Summit!
0:43 Benchmarking Twitter’s bot problem, thoughts on slights from the Biden Administration
13:26 Breaking down Tesla’s 6+ businesses, comparing them to a traditional car company
21:42 Concerns around the Twitter deal, crypto payments on Twitter
30:19 Building vs. acquiring, early Tesla stories
39:52 SpaceX’s grand vision and business model, nuclear fusion vs. solar
56:37 Moving from CA to TX, fixing California, macroeconomic takes
1:10:20 American exceptionalism, a new immigration strategy

In the last segment, Elon explained how inflation and money. The grue economy is the total good and services that are produced. Anything you call money is a way to exchange good and services without barter and as a labor allocation method.

You can apply information theory to money.