Elon’s Plan to Grow Twitter from Investor Pitch Deck

Elon plans to grow Twitter revenue by 5 times by 2028 and increase users by about 5 times to just short of 1 billion users in 2028. Elon’s Twitter plans’s were revealed from information from his Pitch Deck for investors. Elon has recruited about $10 billion from other investors and they wanted his business plans.

I wrote on April 14 (3 weeks ago) that Elon was buying Twitter to make it vastly larger and more profitable. The Pitch Deck confirms the expectations that I had.

I pointed out how Twitter has barely grown since 2014 and that Twitter under Musk should be able to match other successful social media companies with 1 billion users.

Dave Lee also highlights points from the NY Times reporting on Elon Musk Twitter Investor Pitch Deck.

Nextbigfuture predicted Twitter will be a piece of a massive SpaceX, Tesla and massive Crypto e-commerce, entertainment and communications plan.

Elon plans to have $10 billion of subscription revenue. If 10% of users have a $10/month plan then this would match that subscription revenue.

Elon will likely incorporate crypto payments for Twitter users and take a transaction fee.

Twitter will also have revenue from data licensing. Elon can use Twitter for voice applications and the data could be used Teslabots for verbal communication.

Elon has said we will likely make Twitter public again within 3 years. By 2025, the plan is for Twitter to have 600+ million users. Twitter has about 230 million users now.

SOURCES- NY Times, Meet Kevin, Dave Lee Investing
Written by Brian Wang, NExtbigfuture.com