FSD and Teslabots Could Each More than Double Tesla Profits by 2025

Casual observers do not realize how close Tesla is to achieving full self driving cars. Teslabots are considered a distant promise.

However, this is not the case. Full self driving software is already being used by over 100,000 drivers for the past months and Elon has said that 1 million people could be using FSD by the end of 2022.

Full self driving having all of the features to safely drive on all roads would mean that all of the revenue would be recognized on Tesla financials. Currently, only half of the FSD revenue is recognized. If four times as many people buy something that is fully working and 100% of the revenue is recognized this would increase FSD revenue by 8 times. FSD is software and all of the expenses are currently in R&D. Any new revenue recognition would be all profit.

FSD by end of 2022 or 2023 could double Tesla overall profits.

Tesla is ready to use and train Teslabots in their factories. This will enable Teslabots to speedup production starting in 2023.