Fully and Rapidly Replicable Factories Video

Fully and Rapidly Replicable Factories will be the highest impact economic development ever made. They will be more important than the wheel, computers or fire. Once one is made that can make another factory in two years or less then we will be able expand humanity by one million times and fill up the solar system by 2100.

Doubling every two years mean forty years after the first doubling we will have one million factories producing 100 million Starships and 10 trillion Teslabots per year.

Elon Musk has hinted at this capability. connecting the dots on his statements adds up to fully and rapidly replicable factories on Mars. Replicable factories means filling Mars with factories and production to colonize hundreds of Asteroids and to mass-produce space stations.

Elon has said
* Fully and Rapidly Reusable Rocket is the Holy Grail
* Manufacturing is Tesla’s Long Term Advantage
* The Machines that Make the Machines
* The Factory is the product
* Raw materials in and products out of the Gigafactory
* Teslabot is the most important product
* Goal is for Mars to be self-sufficient (perhaps by the 2050s)

A self-sufficient Mars is one that can make everything that we can make on Earth. Mars would have to be able to make more Starships and they would have to be able to make Starship factories and vehicle factories.

I have another article that describes some of the work by NASA and the Mars society on how we can make steel, aluminum, glass, fuel, any plastic, water, oxygen and many other materials and products on Mars.

Self-sufficient Mars is the first part of the statement – Fully replicable factories.

Then the rapid part is speeding things up. Tesla, SpaceX and Elon are all about speeding up and ramping up production.