Terraforming Mars for Plants and T-shirt Comfort Temperature and Air Pressure by 2150

Chris McCay describes how to terraform Mars within about one years of starting. Chris has determined that using supergreenhouse gases like C3F8 (Octafluoropropane) would warm up the atmosphere by about 40 degrees celsius and increase the pressure by 1000 times. This would enable Mars to grow plants and trees.

The terraforming analogy is that of moving down a mountain. Terraforming will reduce the coldness and increase the air pressure.

We will need to explore below the surface of Mars to confirm there is enough water, CO2 and nitrogen on Mars for this terraforming to work.

Making Mars oxygen-rich as well will be even more difficult. McCay believes the process will take 10,000 to 100,000 years using biological processes. It is only 0.01% efficient to convert solar energy when making oxygen. Using non-biological processes, we would need to leverage my concepts of self-replicating factories to make massive solar power capture and use that power for hyper-efficient oxygen generation. This would be unless we find new processes or explore and find other materials on Mars.

If we can make Mars comfortable for plants then humans would not need spacesuits but could work around in t-shirts but with an oxygen supply.

SOURCES- Mars Society Virtual Conference 2021
Written by Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com