Tesla Factory Bot and Self-Driving Mining Machines

The Cofounder and CTO of AI Unicorn has said that the Tesla the Factory-Bot is a done deal. The case is made that FSD AI is sufficient for a Tesla factory bot. Tesla FSD AI can already be trained to tell the difference between different parts in a factory. The arms and leg actuators have been solved for humanoid robots. Tesla factories already have digital self management at every station in the factory. The digital self-management makes it easy for Tesla to create scoring functions to train Tesla Factory bots on tasks.

The Connecting the Dot videos interviews a CTO/CoFounder of an AI-intensive Greentech Unicorn. She is extremely bright, planned 10 years ahead and as CTO of an AI Company has unique insights on where Tesla and AI are going.

Tesla creating and using factory bots will enable Tesla factory production speeds to massively increase.

Tesla does not have to solve artificial general intelligence but the narrower cases of factory work and mining work unleash the productive power of Tesla and SpaceX.

The self-driving cars will easily transition to self-driving mining machines that are not humanoid. These would also leverage the Boring company work and equipment.

Tesla already has solved its battery supply issues with the tsunami of China made iron LFP batteries. There should be enough iron LFP batteries for 60 million cars per year by 2025.

Rapidly faster factory production with the new Austin and Berlin factories combining with factory bots will see an explosion of production. This will drive near and mid term profits.

The Factory and mining robots will enable self replicating factories. Tesla will have hyper productive factories that make the factories. This will send Tesla and SpaceX and humanity on an exponential path to industrializing the solar system.