Warren Redlich Talks With Brian Wang About Teslabot and SpaceX Mechazilla

I, Brian Wang, had a talk with Warren Redlich about Teslabot and the SpaceX Mechazilla launch tower. Warren Redlich has popular videos on Tesla. Warren is a major Tesla bull and SpaceX and Elon Musk fan.

Teslabot can be made at a cost of about $2000 each for Tesla. This can be sold to enthusiasts who want to be first to own it and willing to get software updates until they are useful. This is similar to people who buy FSD and then FSD beta for their cars. FSD purchasers had to wait years to get the partially functioning beta. Tesla FSD buyers paid $4000-12000 for FSD and waited to get it. Early, Teslabot will make prepayments and then will get the hardware with incomplete software. People will be willing to do it for crude chatbot and other amusing non-productivity related stunts and for some mobile camera tricks. It will be an expensive toy.

Tesla is positioned with the factory processes that can incorporate redundant test workgroups with Teslabots. Those new groups can be completely unproductive while they are training the AI and it will negatively impact the factory. The Digital Self Management has scoring of task work that can be easily converted into an AI training function.

1 million Teslabots can be created for $2 billion. This is less than 20% of the free cashflow that Tesla will generate in 2022.

SpaceX Mechazilla is the launch tower that will catch and refuel and relaunch the fully reusable booster and Starship. Here is a video with Elon Musk giving Tim Dodd, the Everyday astronaut a tour.

SpaceX Mechazilla launch towers will be made one for each SpaceX super heavy booster. This will enable hourly launches. There will be multiple Starships per launch tower. Hourly launches of fully reusable rockets will let rockets dominate cargo against planes.

Planes are already more expensive than SpaceX rockets for less cargo. Medium to large capacity planes cost $100 million to 300 million. Planes are twenty times slower than rockets.

Here is my own video about how SpaceX will dominate Air Cargo and Communications using Starship and the Mechazilla launch tower.

Here is my video describing how Tesla AI will Supercharge profits using FSD – full self driving software and use Teslabot sooner than people expect to make Tesla more profitable.

Here is a video where I predict the ultimate product of the 21st century. The Fully and Rapidly Replicable Factories cojuld leverage supply chain integration and heavy use of a highly functional Teslabot for factory and mining automation to achieve the goal of factories that make factories. This could be done on Earth, Mars and elsewhere. This describes a long term vision of SpaceX Mars colonization with factories making factories.

Teslabot Earth Abundance Means Teslabot Mars Abundance too

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Here is my video predicting the SpaceX Decade – 2022-2030.