BYD Vice President Confirms BYD Will Supply Batteries to Tesla $TSLA

CNEVPost (China New Energy Vehicle Post) interviewed BYD VP Lian Yubo, BYD executive vice president and president of its automotive engineering research institute, said BYD will soon supply batteries to Tesla.

This statement seems to confirm rumors that BYD would supply 10 GWh per year in blade batteries to Tesla. This would be enough for about 200,000 cars per year.

Written by Brian Wang,

5 thoughts on “BYD Vice President Confirms BYD Will Supply Batteries to Tesla $TSLA”

  1. I was under the impression for the longest time that Tesla was always going to manufacture their own batteries. Oops.

    • They said they need every battery that they can get their hands on. Even when there own batteries start hitting high volumes they can divert any surplus to storage bussiness which has almost unlimited growth potential. They started delivering 4680 cars, so they are now officially a battery manufacturer too. Incredible how in a few years they manage to become a battery manufacturer.

  2. Why not, China has stolen most of the tech they have used to create their industry. How much of Tesla’s tech have they stolen/copies via corporate espionage?

  3. From the CNEVPOST article, it is absolutely not clear if the order is for 10GWh cells or for blade battery packs. 10 GWh is sufficient for about 200k cars.

    Would it make sense to make a separate version of the car for just 200k? Possibly, but it would make mores sense to add to the cells already delivered from CATL in the same battery packs (that Tesla manufactures). Larger series equals lower cost.

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