Nextbigfuture Commenting Has Been Fixed

Nextbigfuture commenting has been fixed. Thanks for your patience while this was being migrated.

21 thoughts on “Nextbigfuture Commenting Has Been Fixed”

  1. Random funny thought/joke. Nextbigfuture ->predicts singularity next year with god like computer intelligence -> Also can’t get web based comment system to work after 17 years. Not trying to throw shade as I appreciate the website quite a lot. Just a funny dichotomy.

  2. Cool. Would have been nice, though, if there had been some acknowledgement during the last few weeks that you were aware they were broken.

    • You insist on your site being at the bleeding edge of software, expect a lot of blood to be spilled.

      Just because it’s a futurism/tech site doesn’t mean he HAS to have every new gosh-wow commenting feature. Sometimes you just want to discuss the future using boringly reliable software.

  3. Nice Brian! The comments are about half the “draw” for me to this site. Many good commenters; it’s actually possible to have an interesting discussion here.. Mostly.

  4. Ooooh so we don’t have to login to comment anymore? Better install a captcha on this form, or it could be fresh meat for bots using it to send spam.

  5. It’s more or less become a tradition, these commenting systems blow up after nine to twelve months and we start over again with a different one.

    • Though from appearances it looks like the OpenWeb comments have been nuked though, so this will be the third great comment purge?

      I miss GoatGuy ripping into the articles and providing technical insights.

      • I guess he didn’t see the point in continuing if all his hard work was going to get regularly dumped. I know the frequent disappearance of comments has caused me to put less work into them.

        Well, that, and having an aging brain, darn it.

      • Older comments (from a month and more ago) seem to be there, although the structure of which comment is a reply to which other comment seems to have been lost. It looks like this comment system supports only one level of reply, so perhaps that is why the deeper reply structure was lost.

  6. Awesome. You had reported that tesla would be using 1000’s of humanoid robots as early as next year. To me this is like saying the singularity has arrived and I found it interesting. I wanted to comment that people are like oh year AGI next year.

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