Aubrey de Grey Dublin Longevity Summit

Aubrey de Grey has a longevity, antiaging summit in Dublin, Ireland. There is still early bird registration.

Speakers at the Dublin antiaging summit include:
Aubrey de Grey
George Church
Maria Blasco
Michael West
Jim Mellon
and many others.

I will shortly be getting out two antiaging youtube videos. I spoke at length with Aubrey de Grey and also with the CEO of Rejuvenate Biotechnology.

Antiaging is going through an exciting time. There is now abundant funding. Over $10 billion has been invested in over 160 companies.

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  1. Astounding, a three sentence entry, hit return, and . . . it’s gone. Kinda like investing in Enron back in the day. What is going on with these forums?

  2. Very nice to see he has not been discouraged by that BS Me Too claim. Maybe the best way to slow down aging is by reversing the 19th amendment 😂

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