New Startup to Connect Metaverses

Meta0, an interoperability protocol for connecting metaverses, has announced the completion of its litepaper and the appointment of Jason Fung as Chief Executive Officer. Prior to joining and founding Meta0, Jason held executive positions at various technology companies, and most recently as the global head of TikTok’s gaming vertical.

“I’ve spent my career building ecosystems around gaming technology and content,” said Jason, “Over the past year, I’ve had numerous inspiring discussions about blockchain and Web3 with leaders in the gaming industry, and I’m more convinced than ever that this paradigm shift will inevitably lead to innovations in the way games are developed and played. Being on the forefront of blockchain gaming is where I want to spend the next 10 years, building robust solutions that will ultimately enhance player experiences across gaming metaverses.”

As CEO, Jason Fung will be responsible for growing Meta0’s partner ecosystem, which includes game developers, channel partners, and L1/L2 blockchains. He will also lead Meta0’s overall strategy, marketing, fundraising, and day-to-day-operations.

Jason spent his early career with technology startups in the gaming space, building companies in online video, live streaming, and fantasy esports. Later on, he led esports for Electronic Arts and Alibaba Group before joining TikTok, where he founded its global gaming team and grew gaming to be one of the largest content verticals on the platform.

Meta0 protocol is designed to be a truly blockchain-agnostic protocol. By ensuring parity through direct integration and by leveraging the stability and security of respective interconnected ecosystems, Meta0 circumvents the need for a dedicated public blockchain.

The Meta0 protocol intends to make a unified common infrastructure for all types of metaverses, including gaming and other verticals, by leveraging blockchain as a technology, and not as a dedicated protocol.

The ultimate goals of Meta0 are to achieve increased efficiency, security and inclusivity for all participants of the protocol. This paper introduces and defines the concept of a blockchain-agnostic Layer 0 protocol connecting metaverses.

Key Meta0 Advantages

Meta0 developers get the following benefits:

ABILITY TO USE THE STRENGTHS OF EACH UNDERLYING PROTOCOL. For example, Solana is most efficient for high-speed and low-cost transactions, while Ethereum is most efficient for integration with secure DeFi services. Products built on Meta0 can take advantage of both platforms and benefit from an easier integration flow.

NO VENDOR LOCKS. Due to the fact that Meta0 unifies the protocol for interacting with the blockchain, there is no need to rely on one blockchain or design a platform according to one particular blockchain’s limitations.

MAXIMUM COST-EFFICIENCY. By default, Meta0 optimizes all blockchain operations to reduce the required fees to pay across networks. The main optimization comes from batching the operations of minting, exchanging, bridging and burning tokens.

NEW INTEGRATION OPTIONS. Meta0 protocol should become a defacto standard for the industry to allow all types of cross-platform integrations.

FUTURE-PROOF. Meta0 will continue to add support for current and future popular blockchains. The blockchain-of-choice for a particular industry application may be drastically different in just a few years. This is especially advantageous for higher-quality projects that may take longer to produce.

Meta0 Four Main Developer Tools

Meta0 provides developers with 4 main tools for working with blockchains:

The Meta0 protocol is not tied to external tools like Metamask and is a JavaScript SDK that allows connecting an authorization widget to any website. A detailed description of the user authentication protocol is provided below.

NFT MANAGEMENT API provides endpoints to issue NFTs on behalf of the developer or end-user by sending commands in the format of HTTP requests. Depending on the command, the protocol will perform one of the following actions — it will deploy a smart contract, generate and send a transaction on behalf of the developer, or generate a transaction and request a user signature using the web interface in order to subsequently send the transaction. This set of APIs also allows users to read data about tokens and collections without accessing blockchain nodes.

NFT GATEWAYS API. All NFTs issued using the Meta0 protocol are cross-chain tokens. Any token can be transferred from one supported blockchain to another at any moment. Meta0 guarantees that a given NFT can only be on one network at a time.

MARKETPLACE FRAMEWORK. Any NFT issued on the Meta0 protocol can be traded on the Meta0 marketplace as well as on any other NFT marketplaces. The Meta0 marketplace is built on the principle of an auction. In addition to providing full functionality at the level of smart contracts and API presentation, Meta0 also provides an SDK for embedding the marketplace as a widget or a separate domain for the developer of any collection.

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  1. They mixed up Solana and Polygon in the infographic. Let’s hope they will be more careful in the actual protocol, haha.

  2. I just don’t see it. Even Solana, supposedly fast and efficient, is way too slow to carry and load games, much less validate every transaction. Gamers would soon quit any game that relied on such a slow protocol.

  3. Will this operate as an extension of Chinese intelligence services, the way Tiktok does? As basically any company operating out of China has to?

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