Munro Teardown of Tesla Model Y With 4680 Structural Battery Pack

Munro Associates has dropped the 4680 structural battery pack out of Texas Model Y.

The battery pack plus the seats and carpet only weighs less than 1200 pounds. It has about 68 kwh of batteries. Munro and Associates tore apart a Rivian electric truck with 135 kwh of batteries. Just the Rivian batteries was over twice the weight of the Tesla Model Y structural batteries with the car seats and other parts.

The Limiting Factor is tearing down a 4680 battery cell.

1 thought on “Munro Teardown of Tesla Model Y With 4680 Structural Battery Pack”

  1. Yes. Tesla is the electric leader. But, obviously, the Rivian would have more batteries, it is a pickup truck.

    I expect the Cybertruck to have more batteries than the Rivian…and that is a good thing. More range, more towing.

    I have invested in Tesla, Rivian, Lucid, Ford, and just now Arcimoto because I think it is a bargain at the moment, and people want anything affordable and electric, at these fuel prices. And Arcimoto likely makes the cheapest new electric available in the US. Even if safety and range are dubious. I plan to invest in Aptera, if and when they list on the stock market.
    And I think eVTOLs are going to be a huge market. So I have Archer and Joby, but there are upwards of 100 companies working on these things, so I am keeping my eyes open, as early leaders are not necessarily going to be the winners.

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