SpaceX Booster 7 Had an Explosion

SpaceX Booster 7 had an explosion during a test. There was some fire. The booster is still mostly intact.

It is being checked for damage assessment.

4 thoughts on “SpaceX Booster 7 Had an Explosion”

  1. What appears to have happened here is that they vented a lot of fuel, probably mixed with oxygen, out of the engines before engine ignition, and created what was in effect a fuel air bomb under the booster which detonated when the first engine ignited. Possibly they haven’t seen this before on account of not having such a large array of engines venting previously. Scale matters in terms of creating a fuel air bomb like that.

    It’s probably not feasible for them to guarantee that the venting doesn’t happen, but they could prevent the explosion by making sure of a very prompt ignition, perhaps by providing a secondary ignition source at the end of the engine bell. That would prevent the accumulation that drove this explosion.

    • Curtain around the milkstool….nitrogen cascade deluge inside …plastic running to vacuum filled hyperloop tunnels…some blow off panels perhaps.

  2. We’ve come a long way from the time of SN4. If I recall correctly, there wasn’t much left of either the prototype or the test stand after that accident.

    Still, Elon has been quoted saying that if you’re not failing, you’re not innovating enough. Well, this is certainly a failure. Let’s hope that SpaceX learns from it.

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