Tesla 4860 Structural Battery Packs Are Not Designed to Be Repaired

Tesla’s 4860 structural battery packs are built so strong and tough that they are not designed to be repaired. The packs are so strong and durable that if there are any issues they will have to be replaced.

Munro Associates perform disassembly analysis of cars. It is taking them about a week to safely take apart the Tesla structural battery pack.

15 thoughts on “Tesla 4860 Structural Battery Packs Are Not Designed to Be Repaired”

  1. Tesla cars are pricey enough as it is. Having an expensive component that has to be replaced and not repaired makes Teslas even less palatable.

    • Tesla battery packs are half the cost or less of competing car companies. They are already less then $90 per kwh. 70 kwh pack is about $6300.
      In five years Tesla batteries will be $40 per kwh. 70 kwh pack would be $2800.

      • Interesting. How do we know the cost off the battery pack? I’ve read so many estimates over the years.

      • A lot depends on how many miles they last in practice. If they can get the battery life up above 2-300K, it hardly matters.

        Musk is currently claiming 3-500K miles total life, but only about 100-150K of that will be full performance, the last 150-350K would be subject to progressively declining power and/or capacity. And that’s projected, not real world experience.

        So I guess you could see people dumping used Teslas on the market after 150K, and their becoming short commuter vehicles in the used car market.

        • One tesla owner recently put 1 million miles on his model S. He is currently on his 3rd battery. There are many examples of teslas with more than 100,000 miles on a battery. The warranty is `00,000 miles or 8years.

          • That shoulsaid many example os batteries with 200,000 miles and the warranty is 100,000 miles or 8 years.

        • His figures are probably cost of manufacturing. IIRC, Tesla’s costs dipped under $100/KWh some years ago. So I imagine Tesla can have a significant business refurbing old Tesla’s.

          Regardless, the selling price is going to be what’s important. Not the cost of manufacturing.

      • The EV industry is at the beginning of an iterative process of design improvements. The ICE industry has had 120 years of iterative design and technology advancements. Wait, be patient. Over time, capitalism’s market forces and incentives for innovation will do for EV’s what it it did for ICE’s. Darwin in commerce. Only the fittest survive. There will be blood.

    • In practice it is very hard to tells if an individual battery cell is good or bad. So in practice for cars with repairable batteries they replace all the cells at once. Then they have to put thee entire pack back together. If they make a mistake it could need another repair in les than a year do to water getting it, coolant leak or a loose wire. It costs less and takes less time to just put in a new battery For laptop and power tool batteries int is common practice to just replace it.

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