3 Million Tesla Cars Record and AI Autolabels Everything

31 minutes into Tesla Herbert interview, Robert Scoble says Tesla has the largest sample of human walking data to train Teslabots. All Tesla cars have video of people walking around parked and moving cars. There are over 3 million Tesla cars and each driven car sends 2-4 gigabytes of data every day to the Tesla central servers. Robert met the autopilot and FSD team and they are working with this data. Everything is autolabeled. Every item and action in the video is labeled. This is used for driving and steet analysis but Tesla also has video of people doing other tasks like picking things up and moving things.

Tesla street data has imaged every sidewalk and curb leading up to houses. They can see the movement of walking to go up steps and mud to

* Tesla has Largest Store of Human Walking Data to train Teslabot

A big business Robert Scoble sees is the ultra low cost delivery using self driving cars and trucks. Moving things in warehouses, move things on and off cars. Moving the pizza into the oven, taking the pizza out getting it to the self driving car. Full delivery becomes three to ten times cheaper.

Giant robotics has a humanoid body upper half which shows that humanoid robots can be trained to perform factory tasks.

6 thoughts on “3 Million Tesla Cars Record and AI Autolabels Everything”

  1. So Tesla secretly videos millions of people (including children) without their permission?
    Legal issues incoming.

    • what permission is given by everybody everyday to every CCTV camera or Cell Phone Recording or Ring Door Camera etc etc = Zero Legal issues incoming

  2. I wouldn’t have thought that looking at images of people moving could teach a robot to move itself, unless it somehow maps those human pixels to its own body, which I doubt it does.

    • Algorithms that are able to reconstruct 3d positions of the limbs of human body are oprnly accessible now. So the first step to convert video of moving people to 3d models of moving people is already made. Then you have billions of hours of moving bipedal figures to learn from. Example: https://youtu.be/olWRrjsOm8o

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