BYD Blade Batteries are Being Sent to Tesla Berlin

BYD is supplying iron LFP blade batteries for Tesla Model Y’s made in Tesla’s Berlin factory. It is reported that the batteries are already being supplied and the first Model Ys with those batteries will be produced this month.

There were earlier reports that BYD would supply about 10 GWh per year. This would be enough for about 12000 Model Ys per month. 3000 Model Ys per week is about the level of production that Tesla Berlin should reach in September or October of this year.

BYD is second place to Tesla in EV production. BYD was ahead of Tesla in EV production until Tesla passed them with the ramp of the Model 3.

BYD was previously the leader in lithium battery production before they were passed by CATL.

SOURCES – CNEVPost, Sina Tech
Written By Brian Wang,

10 thoughts on “BYD Blade Batteries are Being Sent to Tesla Berlin”

  1. More on silicon Valley’s venture into transportation:

    “In their new book, Road to Nowhere: What Silicon Valley Gets Wrong about the Future of Transportation, Paris Marx takes a look back at all the ways that self-driving cars, micromobility scooters, electric vehicles, and ridesharing services were supposed to make the world a better place but utterly failed to do so. Unfortunately, it seems our tech overlords have actually made a lot of things worse and their own faith in tech’s ability to solve any problem has left many of them in an untenable situation of moving the goal posts while hoping shareholders get distracted by shiny objects.”


    • Why would you shill such a moronic book, or an article from such a trashy and idiotic website as gizmodo?

  2. It’s Tesla already using these blade batteries in China? If not, it’s going to be a lot of work adapting the mechanics for a third type of batteries that only gives them another 100k per year, right? Presumably, they are using the 2170 and planning to use the 4680 as well.

    Na, I would like to get some more confirmation than a rumour in CNEVpost before I believe it….

    • I agree. Using blade batteries of any chemistry in Berlin for Model Y seems like a too radical re-engineering decision. It seems more likely the source got this wrong. It may be they’re LFP 4680’s from BYD or blade batteries for some other project. The structural battery pack is too integral to the design of Y and 3 across all the GFs to be swapped out in Berlin.

  3. Tesla simply can’t swap out 4860 cells for blade battery,
    It would seem apparent that this new battery form factor would require re-engineering the entire structural battery compartment.
    Has Tesla done this?
    Will they make both batteries available in the Berlin vehicles?
    Just can’t imagine how or why?

    • They are doing this because Tesla is battery constrained, the LiFePO batteries enable a cheaper, safer car, and some people like me want cars with a maintainable battery pack, rather than a glued together one. Likely, the blades will be contained in modules, so more capable modules containing any desired chemistry can be installed years from now, battery prices fall, and performance increases.

        • Agree… We have read these rumors many times before. It would seem like an awful lot of trouble making another version of the model Y and 3 just to get another 144k of cars per year…

    • It’s not hard for Tesla to change on a dime.
      They can probably redesign a battery pack
      Retool in 3 months.
      This how the company operates about
      $3000 spent on r&d per car.
      They can move quite fast

    • Why not?

      Those blade batteries look like they can easy be part of the structural strength. It does seem to (relatively) “waste” some volume but so what if you’re only using it for entry level models?

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