Let Me Know if There Were Blocked Comments

I found some comments from Brett in the Trash. I have restored and approved them. I do not know what caused those to be trashed immediately.

Let mw know if you have comments that you believed were blocked by the system.

I will go through the trash to find them. NOTE: the trash was cleared a few days ago.

I will now go through pending messages and trash. It is difficult to go through trash, but if you notify me with the post I can go find comments.

I have notified my developer and now have sample comments that should not have been blocked.

17 thoughts on “Let Me Know if There Were Blocked Comments”

  1. I’ve suspected that it has something to do with how long one spends writing a post, because if I wrote a long post, edited it a lot during writing, saved a copy, then tried to post, it would often fail to post. But then if I tried to re-post from my saved copy, it wouldn’t post then either, nor could I write a new post. Like maybe there’s some timeout, after which one’s ability to post is disabled?

    • Yes, I think you are right, long comments with editing are gone, then the site keep blocking any additional comments, so saving them doesn’t help.

  2. I advised that several of my comments were blocked today and sure enough the advisory was blocked too. Your site administrators are blocking content. They need to be replaced or fired.

  3. NextBigFuture routinely causes posts to disappear. Most recently, comments on molten salt reactor I posted today.
    Someone is manipulating your website to suppress discussions.

    • one of lower quality comment was not submitted/shown, that gave me a chance for recognizing, that there’s not editing possibility now
      some 2-3 comments had been delayed

      depending on motivation for suppressing discussions and who’s responsible for unwanted interaction, that might be a matter of concern, IIUC

  4. I found that if I use a name different from my usual, my comment disappear. If it is intentional,
    it shows some lack of lightness and sense of humour.

  5. On average, I’d say 1/3 actually makes up to the big leagues. The rest go ‘poof’, never to be seen again

  6. I don’t know about comments, but your home page is trashed every few days. Assume you have upset some major actors.

  7. Blocked is not quite the right term, but I’ve posted comments without any indication the comment was received and the UI doesn’t show it (suggesting it was lost or trashed and not queued for moderation).

    • since cookies are widespread, a simple counter for ‘comments sent’ would give response to contributors, but i would not implement with free decision (from user perspective)

  8. I’ve had some blocked comments. Don’t worry about restoring them, good enough for commenting to be fixed moving forward.

    • Me too. A few comments over the past couple of weeks, but if I thought they’re important (or funny) I made them again.

      And yes, if I’m writing away and realize I’ve actually put some effort in, looked up data, spent more than 2 minutes… I keep a copy.

      • For awhile, many comments were going POOF … and I alerted our Dear Mr. Wang about the situation. Hopefully this fix will fix what’s broken.

  9. No clue yet what’s putting them there? Might have something to do with length, I find I have a lot more luck if the comment is just one or two lines.

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