Over 2900 SpaceX Starlink Satellites

Starlink 3-4, SpaceX now has more than 2900 working Starlink satellites in orbit, representing about 66% of the full 4408-satellite constellation. Astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell estimates that almost 2400 – more than half of the final constellation – have reached operational orbits and are serving customers back on Earth. SpaceX began operational Starlink launches less than three years ago (November 2019). SpaceX has FCC requirements to launch half of the constellation by March 2024 and finish launching all 4408 satellites by March 2027.

Recent versions of Starlink have satellite to satellite laser communication. Once the constellation’s orbital laser link network is activated, Starlink will even be able to connect customers beyond the reach of the network’s ground stations by routing communications through other satellites until a station is in range.

Starlink 3-4 was also SpaceX’s 148th consecutively successful Falcon 9 launch, the 172nd successful Falcon 9 launch overall. SpaceX has had 50 launches in just over 12 months (367 days).

Here is list of launches by rocket. Falcon 9 is split into some different variants. All versions of Ariane 5 have had 113 launches.

Some retired rockets have had more launches.