Tesla Autopilot Prevents 40 Accelerator Accidents Per Day

Talk given at the Workshop on Autonomous Driving at CVPR 2022. It discussed Occupancy Networks and other technical aspects of Tesla Autopilot and Full Self Driving.

Eshok provided info of accidents prevented and lives saved by Autopilot.

I had a video that covers Tesla leading in safety based upon third party and regulator statistics.

4 thoughts on “Tesla Autopilot Prevents 40 Accelerator Accidents Per Day”

  1. Nothing to see here folks, keep moving…

    These kind of meaningless postings keep happening. However, until this system really works 100% of the time with no caveats it doesn’t count. Like they say, it’s not what you say that counts, it’s what you do.

  2. Sure it does.

    I had a loaner with the fancy automatic braking nonsense for a month. The fantom braking alarms made it really unpleasant to drive. 10mph in traffic, 30 ft following distance and the dumb chime is threatening to autobrake because some brake lights confuse it.

    Maybe it is counting those misoperations as “saves”

  3. It amuses me that no matter how much better the accident record over time driven for self driving cars is than for humans, any time a human is at fault for an accident with a self driving car the AI is always blamed and people start clucking their tongues about the danger of self driving systems.

    Human self aggrandizement knows no limitations.

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