Accuracy of Nextbigfuture Predictions

Nextbigfuture makes public predictions at Metaculus. I am now ranked 58th (tied for 58th). There are several thousand participants making forecasts at Metaculus.

Metaculus is an American reputation-based, massive online prediction solicitation and aggregation engine. Metaculus focuses on predicting the timing, nature and impact of scientific and technological advances and breakthroughs. They also have geopolitical predictions related to war and politics. There were also prediction questions around what would happen with COVID.

I also have tracked my other public predictions made on my website or published in other places. I have my articles related to predictions under my predictions tag.

Out of hundreds of predictions that have resolved, I have been correct over 80% of the time.

I have also been highly confident in many of the predictions. If you are highly confident but end up being wrong then you lose a lot of points.

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