EU Chief Threatens Robust Response to Pipeline Sabotage

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said in a statement “Any deliberate disruption of European energy infrastructure is utterly unacceptable and will be met with a robust and united response.”

Josep said that All available information indicates those leaks are the result of a deliberate act,”

Three leaks were reported on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, which are filled with natural gas but aren’t delivering the fuel to Europe.

24 thoughts on “EU Chief Threatens Robust Response to Pipeline Sabotage”

  1. It was the same bunch of criminals that did 9/11, the zionist neocons. Motive, means and opportunity.

    And there’s Blinkin’s near admission saying what a great opportunity it creates for the U.S. and the Polish eurocrat thanking the U.S for doing it.

    • good move by the Russians the Europeans are so weak and cowardly good to show them they can’t protect the Norwegian line to Poland,the Germans lay down for communism wherever possible as their love for concentration camps genocide and coal gas and oil knows no bounds.
      To say that Eu will protect oil pipelines gas lines or electric cables from wind farms is laughable, they can’t put up any resistance too Putin murdering Europeans under their nose,A long as the German language is spoken Russia will dominate Europe.

  2. 1 – Biden said he would end Norstream 2 if Russia invaded Ukraine, back in February.

    2 – It was Russia’s bargaining chip. Their hope was that the winter and economy would create massive protests in Europe, this making governments end sanctions against Russia or stopped supporting Ukraine. In that case, Russia world resume gas supply.
    If they can’t resume gas supply, they can’t force European countries into those.

    • The US opposition to the pipeline started long before the war. I quote from a letter from the US Senate:
      “The U.S. government knows that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is near completion and considers it a grave threat to European energy security and American national security. Investments in and support of the pipeline moreover introduce risks to the hygiene of the U.S. financial system and reputational risks to all companies involved in related transactions, including any American companies. The administration and Congress, and both parties, are united in their commitment to ensure that the pipeline remains uncompleted and those threats are never realized.”
      A fleet led by the USS Kearsarge was in the area a few days before.

  3. I wonder if the pipelines will be worth repairing, if it has been filled with sea water. Corrosion may be a problem.

    • The reporting indicated 7 bar pressure remaining as indicated on the EU side. The way the pipeline is setup, russia doesn’t have much storage on the input end so they are essentially forced to pump it into the pipeline or flare it off. If they don’t want to completely blow off the investment in the pipeline, it behooves them to keep it pressurized to keep from collapsing. As long as they keep it pressurized higher than seabed sea pressure, there shouldn’t be seawater ingress, but that’s under a typical cracked pipeline scenario. If actual sabotage occurred with explosives, then substantial holes may have developed, allowing seawater ingress.

    • not really, they have 0 advantage to get europa against them.

      Today Russia has not much to show beyond the ‘atomic bomb’ tantrum, but this sabotage is a strong signal that they can destroy more then ‘just’ a pipe.
      Telephone wires are soft-targets compared to these steel pipes.

    • Ukraine has virtually no navy, let alone stealthy submersibles capable of this sort of thing. This is a warning from Russia that European energy infrastructure (Baltic Pipe, North Sea installations) are vulnerable. Note that this pipeline is actually built and owned by the Russians, so it doesn’t actually constitute an attack on European infrastructure.

  4. So…what are they going to do about it? If this turns out to be all Putin, tally up another one for him walking all over everyone else, and no one standing up to it.

    • As the gasline was built and is mainly owned by the Russians, no large-scale response is really justifiable. Nord Stream 2 has never delivered any gas, and Nord Stream 1 hasn’t delivered any for the last month.

  5. Oh no, throwing Ukraine under the bus and betraying Poland and the Baltic states is no longer an option for the EU.

      • Yeah the world stage was never a poker game where everyone cheats for the sake of power and at the expense of ethics, till now.

    • I see no other party that benefits from the sabotage other than the US. It may be in part to defend the dollar, by selling Europe north American fuel in dollars.

      • In principle, it could have been the Saudis, it could have been the Venezuelans, it could have been the Nigerians, and it could have been the Iranians. They all can sell fuel to Europe, besides the USA.

        Frankly, I still think it may have been some internal European actor who decided to cut the dependency *now* before winter comes and the govenrments of the EU get comfortable using Russian gas. It’s a stupid idea, but stupid ideas are legion in this world.

        • Agree: either an internal European actor or the USA.

          Seems like a slow-walked war, picking up pace. Idiots call it “chess game” – it’s a slow-walked, early-stage world war. Can’t believe I’m watching our leaders do this.

          I believe pasta has the best shelf life. Going to need a plan for complete proteins as well, and armed hungry thieves.

        • Gas price is several times higher in Europe than in the US. Each delivery is making some $200 million in profits right now. The US are expected to become the most important supplier for EU until 2030, accounting for 39% of total demand.

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