Excess Deaths 37% Higher Than Pre-Pandemic in Spain

Excess deaths (less than 4% of the 16% EU average excess death are Covid related) have doubled in July, 2022 and reached 37% in Spain and over 16% on average in the European Union. The world needs to research and determine and stop these excess deaths.

Excess mortality in the EU climbed to +16% in July 2022 from +7% in both June and May. This was the highest value on record so far in 2022, amounting to around 53 000 additional deaths in July this year compared with the monthly averages for 2016-2019.

If the level of excess deaths stays at the July level then this would be over 600,000 additional deaths on an annualized basis for the European Union alone. Globally, the excess deaths could lead to millions of deaths each year beyond what was happening before the pandemic.

The world had a total of 60 million deaths from all causes in 2021. The world had 55 million deaths in 2019.

We do not know what the causes of the excess deaths are.

It could be a reduction in health as an after-effect of COVID or it could be a general decline in health from other causes.

This is not just an excess over the five-year average including the 2020-2021 pandemic timeframe but is against the pre-pandemic period. In 2020-2021, there were far more deaths because of the COVID pandemic.

The previous spikes in excess deaths in the last two years were COVID-related. This new wave of deaths cannot be attributed to COVID. The proximate causes of deaths are cancer, heart ailments, diabetes and other conditions but there is no understanding why these usual things are causing more deaths at this time.

The UK has tracking of excess deaths and separates COVID deaths.

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  1. I think the excess deaths are baby boomers getting old and dying: ( We had a spike in births from 1946 to 1964, now we have a spike in deaths.

  2. Steve Kirsch has collected and analyzed vast amounts of research that overwhelmingly shows not only that the mRNA injections cause disability and death, but that this is known and intentionally concealed by the CDC and other authorities. Here are two of his roundups of the most telling proof:

    Here is my list of nearly 100 indicators that the “safe and effective” narrative is falling apart.

    How the authorities can INSTANTLY stop the spread of “COVID misinformation”
    All they have to do is answer a bunch of questions we have. We have over 50 for them to choose from. But they can’t even answer a single one.

  3. In Portugal is the same, mainly because the HNS stopped treating, scaning or testing for other diseases but covid. This and vaccines are causing the excess deaths. In spite of that, they are now urging everybody 60+ to take another booster, so that they can get rid of a few thousand more old farts and save on the pensions. Not me!

  4. Bear in mind that the reported death rates for Covid are usually just obvious deaths at the one month mark post-infection. Covid continues killing up to 20% more people between months two and six post-infection. The crucial issue here is the death rate at months seven plus.

    Having said that, there are three competing, overlapping theories of excess mortality:

    1) Covid’s doing it.
    2) The vaccines are doing it.
    3) The shutdowns and economic disruptions secondary to the pandemic did it.

    Dealing with #3 first, those countries that pursued zero-Covid policies with strict quarantines and shutdowns like China, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea experienced greater economic growth, lower death rates, higher employment and lower inflation. The current inflation is driven by supply chain disruptions due to 1) the pandemic and 2) the Ukraine War (neither of which can be solved by raising interest rates; increasing supply requires investment which requires more cheap capital, not less). In defense of theory #3, I suppose you could argue that nations like America that responded poorly to the pandemic and let the virus spread racked up such a high casualty count that it disrupted the economy and this secondary disruption of incompetence caused secondary health damage (but hardy a great argument against zero Covid strategies.)

    This leaves explanations #1 and #2 for excess mortality. Honestly, I don’t know how to shoot down #2 without better data and the CDC – suspiciously – isn’t helping much with what it’s done to the reporting of vaccination side effects. Do we even count breakthrough infections anymore? How would you tell between a death caused a year later by a breakthrough infection and one brought on by a vaccine? I’m not aware of any study design to even look.

    However. I can point to a glaring logical lapse in arguments fingering the vaccines. If you’re worried about havoc wreaked in the human body by the spike protein produced by these vaccines, you would be really, really worried about what an actual Covid-19 infection does because it produces far more spike. Spike is known to interfere in cholinergic signaling – in ways that would cause cardiovascular death, dementia and other bouts of chronic inflammation.

    There is a great deal to suggest Covid infection itself does this months later – and I can’t stress enough how obvious this was to anyone understanding the TMPRSS2 synthesis Covid required to infect ACE2(+) cells in the body. All this was obvious on day one when the sequencing dropped. (The particular effect of Spike on cholinergics/parasympathetics, by the way, was not obvious on day one, but rather first suspected – publicly – around mid-Spring 2020.)

    What do the ACE2(+) cells getting clobbered do exactly?

    A) In the gut, ACE2(+) cells secrete antimicrobials that protect the gut lining by killing bacteria that get too close. These also manage quorum-sensing and barrier repair. Without these cells, the result is G.I. dysbiosis resembling that seen with chronic antibiotic dosing or NSAID use. That is to say, heathy flora die out leaving empty niches and the unhealthy flora constantly ferried into the gut by airborne spores then take root, resulting in leaky gut and chronic inflammation. This low-level sepsis/endotoxemia is driven by LPS/TLR4 signaling which underlies everything from opiate addiction and overeating to Alzheimer’s and insulin resistance. These gut problems can trigger or contribute to pretty much any insulin resistance, metabolic disorder, autoimmune or autoinflammatory condition – meaning autism, PCOS, Kawasaki’s, M.S., Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, schizophrenia, diabetes, obesity, heart failure, POTS, hypertension, obstructive sleep apnea, baldness, etc., etc. The only question was how much of which would appear. But this was obvious on the day the viral genome analysis dropped to those of us who’ve read the journal literature extensively.

    B) In the the vasculature, ACE2(+) cells act as end points in parasympathetic control of blood pressure by regulating blood gases, which in turn prevent hypertension, clotting and fibrosis (not to mention TMPRSS2 synthesis). Without these gases, homocysteine rises (another factor for atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s, autism and schizophrenia risk). TGF-beta is also no longer suppressed and so actively promotes fibrosis, which affects kidney injury and cardiomyopathy (plus baldness – this isn’t stress shedding of hair; it’s baldness). This vascular dysfunction also disrupts the blood-brain barrier and maybe the olfactory bulb, providing direct entry into the brain for the virus. (Gotta admit, though, I didn’t see Covid directly going into the brain, infecting neurons through other entryways and immediately causing dementia, which it does with terrifying efficiency in those over 60 and even some 30 year olds.) From the start it was clear Covid would be a vascular disease and that disrupting these ACE2(+) cells lining blood vessels would lower parasympathetic tone and produce some degree of autonomic dysfunction because sympathetic flow would not be properly counterbalanced, causing parasympathetic underdrive/sympathetic overdrive. This same cholinergic system also acts as a brake on inflammation. For one thing, the clotting that results is an activation of what is possibly the oldest immune response to pathogens in evolution.

    C) Testicles have ACE2(+) cells and healthy young men recovering from Covid in the Swiss Army had lower T levels and higher BMI. You’re looking at a silent infertility epidemic if these cells can’t recover.

    D) ACE2(+) cells are also vital to carotid body functioning, not to mention oxygen-sensing in the lungs too (albeit indirectly). Any apnea would also put the body into sympathetic overdrive (parasympathetic function drops/ sympathetic rises, resulting in autonomic dysfunction – which, by the way, gets worse when you sleep on your back – facts every pulmonologist should have known when they intubated patients obviously already in autonomic dysfunction – yet left them on their backs.)

    Notice how many of these conditions caused by Covid are the very conditions that put one at risk in the first place for severe Covid complications and death – i.e., kidney disease, hypertension, obesity, heart failure, etc…?

    Covid causes Covid. You get it once. You suffer damage. You acquire some immunity – either through vaccination or naturally (but consider the cost of this later route). Then immunity starts declining as it always does for RNA viruses like influenza. The clock is now ticking. Either you’ll confront the old strain again once your immunity has worn off or before that you’ll meet one of the new variants that’s evolved to get around existing immunity. Maybe any lingering Covid damage from the earlier infection gets repaired. Maybe it doesn’t. Maybe it does and your bone marrow stem cell budget gets depleted just a bit or the telomeres shorten from the stress, accelerating the aging process.

    In any event, when you do encounter Covid again you’re older – and that aging is also a risk factor for getting Covid. Maybe you’re far older than the years indicate from damage like diabetes or maybe not. But you’re older. As time goes by, risk goes up.

    You’re looking at a set of dominoes going down as waves of Covid sweep through the population. I thought it might take years to see the pattern, but it hasn’t. This has been borne out by the pre-Omicron V.A. data. One Covid infection gives you a 30% greater-than-normal risk for a long-term complication. Arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, hypertension, POTS and other vascular complications alone amount to something like 4% extra risk (that’s 4 million potentially mortal cardiovascular complications per every 100 million infections). Two infections gives you 100% greater risk for long-term complications. Three yields 200%.

    That’s a very bad progression. Doctors are already reporting high numbers of clots and episodes of the delirium that often precedes full-blown dementia.

    Again, this compounding problem was obvious to everyone who knew these systems. There’s a paper speculating about autism and Covid in the first months of the pandemic, yet nothing on the news. Now we’re seeing the damage to infant development in the pregnant mothers who got it.

    I had much of this worked out in March of 2020 because it relates to my own health problems but I got ignored by the health department and every media outlet I contacted. The researchers I learned from had to have seen this coming too and reached out. So why has nobody been allowed to speak – even today when the pattern is becoming obvious?

    I’ve never seen a virus like this. But what’s worse is the way the junk food, bad health care and air pollution around us already conditioned us to be vulnerable to Covid. By adding sugar and removing fiber from our diets, the food industry activates LPS/TLR4 signaling to get us to overeat and be addicted to their products (repeat customer + overeating enhances their profits). A microglia TLR4 circuit maintains heroin addiction while it drives overeating in the hypothalamus. Air pollution also triggers this pathway. LPS/TLR4 also upregulates fatty acid synthase (FASN), which produces more palm oil which – in a feed-forward loop – enhances TLR4 signaling (which is why palm oil is a favorite additive in processed food). FASN is a critical factor both for cancer and viral reproduction in cells. (You can also explain the higher cancer results via Covid’s T-cell exhaustion and natural-killer cell depletion. Innate immunovigilance drops after tangling with severe Covid.)

    And deworming the human gut only makes dysbiosis worse. Take a look at Covid death rates in populations that still have their helminth colonies. In addition of being free of many of the modern diseases I’ve mentioned, helminth-replete populations are getting hardly any Covid, perhaps because of the benefits to mucosal immunity. Definitely because helminth populations in the gut protect against the G.I. dysbiosis rife in the modern world. Nobody with helminths, for instances, gets M.S., Crohn’s or atherosclerosis. Their obesity and diabetes rates are also miniscule.

    If I’m right about the domino effect, the coming years could be slowly devastating. A number of effective Covid treatments have been cast aside in America, some obvious from the start, simply because they didn’t deliver rents to campaign donors and patent holders. For instance, off-patent H2S and NO donors – like vitamin D3, vitamin C, sodium thiosulfate, NAC and nasal spray nitrites – directly and indirectly suppress TMPRSS2 – an enzyme we knew was under control of H2S from the prostate cancer literature years earlier. The nitrite nasal sprays have been incredibly effective. However, restoring normal healthy gas signaling in the body is one thing. Overshooting with medication like a nitrite nasal spray could carry considerable risk with repeated use – like (no kidding, here) ALS or tuberculosis.

    It’s unclear how much paxlovid will limit the long Covid damage but the drug is already incompatible with several cardiovascular treatments because of the cost-cutting steps they took to interfere with liver metabolization so that they could reduce the effective dosage. As a result, many of the sickest candidates who would benefit most from paxlovid are already on drugs which could produce fatal interactions. Their drugs go through that same metabolization pathway.

    Time will only tell if any other credible treatments materialize on the horizon or a mucosal vaccine is successful at granting herd immunity. But hope isn’t a plan and this isn’t over. Neither is “excess morbidity and mortality.”

    • They like to spam stuff as much as they can to make it look like it’s anything close to a consensus. It’s pretty obvious to anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together that this is the aftershocks of covid, a disease which can do long-term damage.

    • Many of us are unvaccinated, twice infected/recovered, and will forever have contempt for various national and global institutions/authorities.

      • Agreed.
        I can not work because, in Italy, the jab is mandatory (including the booster).
        I got nothing, the vaxed got two or three time covid.
        I had not “side effects”, some vaxed had serious side effects.

      • Exactly! Unvaccinated, thrice infected and recovered, no side effects! Will never trust government, health authorities again.

  5. I realized early in the pandemic that the vaccines were more dangerous than the virus for the average person. When it became clear that the death rate was low for reasonably healthy individuals, I decided to let the population be the long term test sample, and I would be the control.

    Sometimes you really hate being right, even if it enables you to avoid trouble. The cost of all the millions of trusting people that have been unnecessarily, unwisely, and arguably foreseeably injured, or killed is a war crime.

    I wonder what the Hague is like this time of year?

  6. Some research was done and showed that mrna vaccines causes excess death about equal to Covid death that are prevented.

    • exactly.
      unfortunately, I suspect the baseline will go up this winter.
      If you look at the (official numbers) @ EUROMOMO, deaths are the same in 2022 like in 2021 and 2020.
      They are worse for 45 and lower.
      Add an economic crisis on top, darkness, cold, higher food and drugs prices, and you have a very bad recipe for disaster.

  7. 2.5 years after COVID began taking its toll, I still cannot find a precise definition of what counts as death because of Covid infection, and death with a COVID virus detected but that was ancillary.

    So is it any wonder that no one wants to venture into the debate over the deaths caused by COVID vs. the deaths caused by draconian government measures in response to COVID?

    • In the current election in Italy, the shill journalist when a candidate confronted the COVID deaths in 2020-2021 and 2022 started babbling about “with covid and by covid”.
      And the answers was “these are the way the government counted the deaths in the last two years and justified lockdowns and mandates”.

  8. A lot of the excess deaths we are seeing now is due to fewer people dying of regular diseases during Covid. For many countries the quarantine led to less exposure and spread of flue and other diseases that would normally infect people. (Causing deaths either directly or indirectly through adding additional strain on sick people)

  9. 1m+ US dead
    No one accepts blame
    No one is blamed
    No one resigns
    No one is made to resign
    Not even a congressional hearing Americans are such sheep
    #Retweet# #cv19hearings

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