Fourth Tesla Virtual Power Plant Events in 17 Days $TSLA

Today will be the fourth Tesla-PGE Virtual Power Plant (VPP) event in 17 days. VPP today. This will be for about 2 hours. A solar power blog reported that earlier Tesla-PFE were targeting or estimating 20-60 hours per year. The VPP only operates from May to October.

60 days at 10 hours every 20 days would be another 30 hours before this is expected to no longer needed this year. At the pace of the last four day, there would be 8 Hours evert 4 days. At the recent pace there would be up to 120 hours of VPP events by the end of October.

Homes with solar power and Powerwalls are compensated about $20 per hour ($2 per kilowatt hour).

Participants in VPP will get about $800-2600 this year. A full May to October run in 2023 could be twice as much at $1600-5200. This year’s program will only run half of the summer.

There are currently about 50,000 Tesla Powerwalls in the PGE service area. 3000 homes currently in the VPP program likely have about 6000-8000 Powerwalls in the program. By next year, there will likely be 60% more installations to about 80,000. If 50% of the Powerwalls in the area were in the VPP program in 2023 then there would be 40,000 Powerwalls in the Northern California VPP in 2023. It could provide 400 MW of power in 2023.