Reports of More Ukrainian Progress

There are reports that Ukraine is pushing into Lyman and several areas near the major breakthrough near the city of Izium.

Russia has called up 300,000 reservists. This will likely take a few weeks to get those reservists into Ukraine. Russia will get those who are unable to avoid the draft.

However, they will have almost no refresher training.

Ukraine would want to take as much of Luhansk Oblast as they can before Russia can reinforce with more troops.

15 thoughts on “Reports of More Ukrainian Progress”

  1. Considering the military support Ukraine is receiving, I think NATO progress better describes the situation. I hope Biden, and the other idiots running the western nations don’t antagonize the Russian government into a nuclear exchange.

    • Russians are conscripting an army and people here be like, “lets put the screws to them.” Not much says existential threat better than a draft.

      Guess these people get into knock-down drag-outs every week! /s

    • Give them whatever they can use. The sooner the Russian army disintegrates and flees, the better for everyone. And stop fretting about nukes. Putin will or he won’t, but letting someone get their way every time they threaten to commit suicide is no way to live, especially when getting their way just insures they will one day come for you or your descendants.

      It’s “Give me liberty, or give me death,” not “Better red than dead.”

      Especially since Putin doesn’t care whether anyone is actually red or not, so long as they are obedient slaves . . . or dead.

    • They bleed as anyone else. They know the consequences of making a first strike. It’s hopeless to avoid what’s coming back. If Russian generals obey his order which I believe they won’t, they know what’s in store for them and the world.
      It’s a little dog barking!!! Time has come for him to pay the piper, he is near his end. He will not survive this one way or the other

  2. “Ukraine would want to take as much of Luhansk Oblast as they can before Russia can reinforce with more troops.”

    Not really that much of a hurry. Any Russian draftees will only get at best two weeks of training and will be poorly equipped. This is not how you win a modern war but it is definitely how you lose a modern war.

    • Some of the draftees are expected to reach Ukraine by next week. It’s impossible to train, equip, or familiarize them with the theater of operations in that little time. While I have no sympathies for the Russians, these men are being sent to be slaughtered.

  3. The areas that are being taken by Ukraine are tiny. After the suprise Ukrainian attack and take over in the Kharkiv area the war is re-entering a stalement stage. The bif question is what Russia is going to do after Russia’s Annexation of the territories under its control in the coming weeks. It seems that Russia is articulating a new way to use a nuclear weapons and their threat in order to force a cease fire in Ukraine.

    • Ukraine had to reconsolidate their forces. Also they had to let Russia set up new defensive lines so Ukraine knows exactly where to aim HIMARS and Excalibur shells.

      Ukraine can put a 155mm high explosive Excalibur shell within 4 meters of a target fired from 40 kilometers away by warm and cozy Panzerhaubitze tankers. EVERY Russian trench line is a pre-dug grave. Static defensive lines are useless against precision weapons.

    • The only cease fire the Ukrainians will accept is after the last Russian has left Ukraine. If Russia resorts to using nuclear weapons it will be the end of modern Russia even if there is no direct retaliation because the West will treat it as a rogue state and isolate it until it collapses.

  4. Ukr sending waves of soldiers trying to take Lyman but I will be surprised if they can success. Lyman is well defended now and Russia doesn’t want another humiliating retreat.

    • What Russia wants is not relevant. You lose the city, your troops, your equipment when you are encircled. Russia can not hold Lyman through the winter without resupply. The idea that demoralized Russian troops are going to hold Lyman while starving for months in winter in a city that has been reduced to rubble is laughable.

    • They have avoided fighting directly in Lyman and have bypassed it to the north and the south. As of this writing there was a ~5km wide land bridge left that would allow Russian forces to retreat but that information is over 24 hours old. It appears that Ukraine is happy to bypass Lyman and encircle it. I doubt that Russian troops have the morale to fight to the last man or the last ration.

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