Small Fire in NASA Vehicle Assembly Building With SLS Inside

NASA SLS Artemis rode out the hurricane in the Vehicle Assembly Building. There was a small fire but the rocket was not damaged. NASA must replace the batteries in the rocket.

There is a launch window in October but this is very unlikely. The earliest likely launch is November but weather and other issues can easily delay the launch into 2023.

3 thoughts on “Small Fire in NASA Vehicle Assembly Building With SLS Inside”

  1. FTS battery replacement, correct?

    Also would be nice to charge up all those cubesats, but it sounds like they are so embedded in the ESM that they can’t pull them out, so only those cubesats sipping vehicle power will still be charged..

  2. Musk didn’t think to put sparklers in like Shuttle has—and where is Starship’s escape tower, again?

    • What does Musk have to do with SLS, really? I guess his company has a part in Artemis, but otherwise there is no reason for him to show up there, is it?

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