Tesla Cybertruck Could Cross English Channel During Calm Days

Elon Musk has said the Cybertruck can act as a boat to cross calm waters and make the 6-8 mile crossing from Starbase to South Padre Island.

This could mean it would also be possible for Cybertruck to make the 20 mile crossing of the Straits of Dover to cross the English Channel on calm weather days.

9 thoughts on “Tesla Cybertruck Could Cross English Channel During Calm Days”

  1. Would rotating the wheels at some moderate rate provide enough force to propel the vehicle? And what would serve as a rudder?

  2. Trust the weather stripping? Well if you can drop an iPhone in the toilet since version 7, it was only a matter of time before the tesla DUKW arrived. /s

    • Oh, you just know some idiot will make the attempt — and more likely than not misjudge how calm the sea is, make water, and sink.

      • That was my thought: Advertising that your truck can sort of float for an ambiguous short distance is just asking for somebody to sink one and sue you. Either make the thing genuinely amphibious, or keep quiet about it.

        Of course, it’s not really a risk until they start delivering them… They’ve got time to either complete the sealing job or clarify that they’re NOT amphibious unless you buy the pop out inflatable pontoons option.

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