Unknown Cause of 1 Million Excess Deaths per Year

Many countries saw 18% excess deaths during the two years of the pandemic. There should have been a drop in excess deaths as we got COVID under control. More people who would have died this year from old age and natural causes died in the past 2 years from covid. Therefore, this year’s excess deaths should be below average. Excess deaths are at the 10-20% level in many countries even as COVID deaths droped and gone from pandemic to epidemic.

In England and Wales, for 14 of the past 15 weeks, around 1,000 extra deaths each week, (none of which are due to covid. IF the current trajectory continues, then non-Covid excess deaths will be more than COVID deaths this year. This was reported by Prof Carl Heneghan, director of the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine, Oxford University.

The excess deaths seem to be primarily circulatory, diabetes and cancer. But the reason for those extra deaths is unknown. IF this remains unsolved and is not fixed or does not stop on its own then this would be an extra 1 million deaths per year. [2 billion people with an extra 20% deaths.] If it also was impacting China, India, other Asian and African countries at the same level then this would be an extra 3 million deaths per year.

The US excess deaths is currently at about 8%, but the US has a population is over five times the level of the UK. This is about 2000-4000 extra deaths per week in the US.

Brazil with 200 million people is showing the recent 20% excess deaths. There is no data from India and China.

Excess deaths are measured against the monthly five-year average. Five-year averages would be “inflated” by two years of pandemic deaths. If we were returning to normal then the deaths should drop and easily stay below pandemic years.

Excess all-cause mortality across counties in the United States, March 2020 to December 2021.

An estimated 936,911 excess deaths occurred during 2020 and 2021, of which 171,168 (18.3%) were not assigned to Covid-19 on death certificates.

Possible mix of causes related to increased systemic increases in stress, systemic decline in lifestyle and diet or some hidden and subtle long post-COVID related issues.

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  1. That’s it Geoffrey? Long covid? No other explination? All the statistical experts looking at variables in the insurance fields, funeral home industry, hospitalizations, life insurance claims per year and you sum up a field of several thousands working around the clock to give us answers with “two words-long covid”. Before accusing others of wearing tin foil hats, you have to remove the blinders and the earmuffs.

    We have an abnormal amount of case and we will find the cause. According to the information we were given through all forms of communication, vaccinations were supposed to prevent these excessive deaths through the protection we were promised. The spread was supposed to be controlled and limited to the contaminated individual. All proven to be false beyond any argument.

    We cannot say for certain yet, but the numbers are no stacking up well for other possibilities.

  2. 1m+ US dead
    No one accepts blame
    No one is blamed
    No one resigns
    No one is made to resign
    Not even a congressional hearing Americans are such sheep
    #Retweet# #cv19hearings

  3. Conspiritards out in force in this comment section. Two words for you – long covid. You can be clear of the virus and still have damage that manifests later on.

    • Or, it could involve the mRNA vaccines. And, yes, Long Covid Is more prevalent in the fully vaxed and boosted.

        • Your comment makes no sense. If vaccines protected against long COVID, it would be a rare occurrence… or you could just say that Long COVID happens to vaccinated and unvaccinated. They also BOTH get COVID…. So what point are you trying to prove?? Why the hell should we get vaxed at this point…. The don’t do crap. And yes, sadly I am
          Fully vaxxed

  4. “…as we got COVID under control.”

    Really? How? Because COVID followed the evolutionary path of every other respiratory virus?

    It’s entertaining to watch “futurist” TED-talking “experts” justify the absurd policies inflicted on billions when the uselessness of their edicts and rules, and of the “expert” class itself, becomes plainer every week.

  5. As lethal covid infections wane, the death rate should drop below what it was before covid for a few years. The viral pandemic has thinned the herd of older, and sicker individuals that would soon die anyway.

    Deaths due to influenza will be lower this year, than otherwise, because of the thinning.

    I think it’s obvious what is causing the unexplained extra deaths. To prove it will require death rate measurement for those who took experimental vaccines(including comarity), and those who did not.

    BTW I understand the new “boosters” include the same spike protein encoding as the original, plus two new strains. Leaving in the original spike is going to kill people. It’s more toxic than the evolved ones.

    • I would certainly hope that SOMEONE is doing a study of that.
      Should be pretty straightforward – death stats for those who were and were not vaccinated.
      While they’re at it, death stats for those who had and recovered from Covid, versus those who never had symptomatic Covid – on the assumption that any long-term harm from Covid might be worse in someone who had symptoms.

    • The big problem is the relatively untested mRNA vaccines. They were authorized for EUA usage despite limited long term testing, that testing being terminated before long term side effects could be evaluated. The 75 years that the FDA was going to disclose the Pfizer test data was covering, at a minimum, significant side effects. Turns out many of the studies supporting the allowance of the Moderna vaccines tested with other viruses. Etc.

      Why the side effects? Because of how the mRNA vaccines were constructed. We were told that they consist of the mRNA from the virus for just generating the spike proteins. Not quite accurate – they switched Uridines for N1 Methylpseudouridine, which had several advantages. It doesn’t break down as quickly as regular mRNA, lasting upwards of 60 days, instead of the usual hour or two. And it helps it hide the spike generating mRNA from the immune system, to further enhance its longevity. One reason that they did this was to make manufacturing, shipping, and storage easier. The problem is that it’s safety is predicated on the mRNA quickly breaking down at the injection site. It doesn’t. It has been detected for upwards of 60 days. Instead, the spike producing mRNA migrates through the lymphatic system to inconvenient locations in the body, where they congregate. And after the first jab, which trains the immune system to recognize those spike proteins as pathogens, subsequent injections result in the immune system attacking and killing any cells containing the generated spike proteins. If the spike infected cells are heart muscles, you get myocarditis. Etc.

      But that isn’t all. Anyone ever explain why all the 2nd and 3rd jabs do (esp with the complete vaccine/virus mismatch since the first of the year)? They don’t, because it’s not pretty. The first jab teaches the immune system that the spike proteins are pathogens. The 2nd, 3rd, etc jabs merely cause a massive immune reaction to the generated spike proteins, imprinted on the immune system by the 1st jab. It’s that All Hands On Deck immune response (because of the volume and locations of the detected spikes) that helps a bit against COVID-19, and nothing really to do with the vaccines fighting the virus. If your immune system is weak, it can literally crash it. Immune system assays tend to crash after the 2nd and subsequent jabs. The problem though is that, under normal circumstances, there are slower growing viruses, like the one causing Shingles, along with some cancers, kept under control, often for many decades, by a healthy immune system. And with the crashed immune system, with it spending its resources killing all the cells it can find with the constantly generated spikes by the very persistent mRNA from the vaccines, there are few resources left to also fight these other viruses and cancers. They then escape, and some of them ultimately kill.

      Oh, and the benign capsids, in which the mRNA is encased? Turns out it isn’t that benign. Recent studies show it causing its own problems.

  6. What is the problem with all these unexplained excess deaths? It could be something as simple as climatic warming. More deaths during sustained heat waves is a certainty because it will stress previous health problems in idividuals. Blue collar labor is taking the blunt of these dangerous heat waves, but there is one clear answer: Tesla bots. They will make society run smoothly as environmental conditions continue to deteriorate. The bots will probably be water proof so they can work in flooding as well as drought.

  7. The CDC records excess deaths from the time Covid started, though it’s diminishing somewhat now that the Covid spikes are receding due to both vaccine and natural immunity. The last big spike was at the beginning of this year and it was the largest yet, so there may still be a death-lag effect. Vaccination rates have remained stubbornly at 2/3 for half a year now and unvaccinated people die at 6X the rate of vaccinated, from Covid: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/us/covid-cases.html. Some of these unvaccinated people may also have had undiagnosed Covid, perhaps with lingering after-effects.
    For some (political?) reason, natural immunity is not tracked by the CDC but that might be finally bending the curve downward. We will see this winter if there are new spikes.
    Also, starting in 2021, the CDC says data is incomplete and only 60% of deaths were submitted to the the database within 10 days of death. It’s not clear if the deficit in data is ever cleared up later.
    There are new vaccines now and more coming specific to Omnicron, at-home testing that goes unreported, and new treatments, so that complicates the picture. A higher percentage of people are getting Covid that goes unreported now, even repeat cases.

  8. Other healthcare suffered during C19. Undiagnosed cancer is a killer. Overloaded healthcare missed detecting cancer during C18. People will die from that for years. Same for circulatory and diabetes?

    These deaths need have no direct connection to C19 as such. That’s magic thinking.

    • The health care system was scarcely overloaded, except very locally for short periods. Rather, they shut down a lot of what they thought was “elective”, to clear the decks for a flood of desperately sick Covid patients that basically didn’t materialize.

      The hospitals were actually getting into fiscal trouble on account of having too few beds occupied, most places!

      • I don’t think the healthcare facility I was working at would agree with you. It and many others were greatly stressed. It’s easier to develop revisionist history if you weren’t on the front lines.

        • As they say “your mileage may vary”. There are two nurses in my family and both their hospitals in borderline urban/suburban areas in different states were underutilized in 2020. Heard the same from a friend in a different part of the country. They got busier when catchup treatments occurred in 2021. And yes brief Covid spikes in 2021 slowed down elective procedures for a month or so. But the bigger problem was all the delayed treatments. I won’t question your experience of being too busy with Covid but it wasn’t universal.

  9. Perhaps the “expected death” baseline was somehow misrepresented – if not in the USA.

    We definitely need to trust the experts and follow the science. I’m all about science and not second guessing what is settled.


  10. Covid-19 is known to have some long lasting effects, including long cases and worsening several chronic health conditions in the list (diabetes, heart disease, circulatory conditions).

    Also, the risk of death in the first year from severe and even mild cases has been observed to be higher than the rest of the population, from apparently unrelated causes. The more severe the cases, the higher the likelihood of death.

    Therefore its not really that surprising. It’s awful, but medicine has been aware of this for some time already.

  11. These aren’t “unknown” cause, they’re “don’t dare admit” cause. They’re iatrogenic deaths. Caused by the insane measures they took supposedly to fight Covid.

    Shutting down ‘elective’ medical services like heart surgery and cancer treatments, for instance. Crashing the world economy; Poverty kills.

    These deaths are the result of all the crazy things they did in the name of Covid, and can’t now admit were harmful.

    • Yes, during the worse waves, a lot of serious medical procedures were postponed or not performed.

      Due to fear of the people to go to the hospital and then get Covid-19, or simply the inability to perform them with the overtaxed health workers.

      Conditions that ought to be detected and treated weren’t, and later more people died.

      But I think SARS-COV2 infection has been shown to be an intrinsic higher risk of death by itself.

      • The Statists will never admit that Covid 1984 was a Plandemic, a disease of the mind and was no worse than the common FLU.

        The aggressive coercion to take the ‘only cure’ – The gene-altering death-jab by the World Government was an alarming and unprecedented move against The People and recognised as such by critically thinking individuals.

        Those who were hoodwinked into taking the death-jab and boosters are now dying off in their droves at younger and younger ages, caused by changes to their DNA.

        Statistics show that death by death-jab numbers, are lowest in countries with sparse populations without access to TV.

    • I don’t dispute what you say, but many of the excess deaths are in relatively young and healthy people “cause unknown”. Covid shortened ( by months or years) the life of mostly older and unhealthy people. So since the frail where killed off, prematurely we should have lower than average death figures now.

    • Exactly what were the crazy things ‘they’ did regarding covid – and for that matter, who are ‘they’. For example was it Trump for expediting a vaccine or for recommending quack cures?

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