David Tenant Returns as 14th Doctor Who

David Tenant is returning as the 14th Doctor Who and he returns with show runner and writer Russell T Davies.

David Tenant was the tenth doctor and has been voted the best doctor by fans. Certainly, Tenant is the most popular of the recent Doctors.

My favorite Doctors would be

1. Tom Baker
2. David Tenant
3. Matt Smith
4. Jon Pertwee
5. Peter Davison
and then the others.

Tenant and Davies built the ratings up from 2005.

Tenant will be back for part of a season.

Tennant will be joined by Catherine Tate as returning companion Donna Noble. It’s uncertain why this is occurring in story terms, since Donna shouldn’t remember her adventures in the TARDIS.

The late Bernard Cribbins will also appear as Donna’s grandfather, Wilfred Mott, having shot scenes prior to his sad passing in July 2022. Jacqueline King was also seen on set, presumably reprising her role as Donna’s mother Sylvia Noble.

I am hopeful that this will go better than the Star Trek Picard shows.

11 thoughts on “David Tenant Returns as 14th Doctor Who”

  1. “Peter Capaldi was the real Doctor.”

    I agree he did a good job was likely undeservedly underrated by the critics. However he was likely burdened by poorer quality scripts than say David Tenant or Matt Smith. The notable decline in the shows’ quality (and ratings) didn’t start with the odious Chibnall he only accelerated it.

    • Joke’s on you. If he thinks he is black, then he IS trans-black. You can’t judge blackness just based on what colour someone is. That’s arachnophobic or something.

  2. But….but….he’s a white guy and, as I’ve been told, diversity is good and white guys are NOT diverse, this is definitely bad. We need a black tranny to really make the show good.

  3. I don’t think I’ve watched any episodes of Dr. Who that weren’t either Tom Baker or Peter Cushing. Been a long while since I watched anything on the TV.

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