Elon Musk Confirms Plan to Add Youtube Clone to Twitter

Elon Musk has confirmed that after taking over Twitter he will add a clone of Youtube to Twitter.

Nextbigfuture wrote how it would be simple to combine Starlink generation 2 backhaul bandwidth capabilities to enable video with Twitter.

SpaceX Starlink just passed 250,000 users in April and is now about 1 million users. Starlink could be around 1.5 million users by the end of 2022 and could reach 200-300 million users by 2025.

The generation 2 Starlink satellites will be able to handle the entire internet. Elon Musk will have space satellites for a global communications backbone.

Future Starlink satellites will likely weigh around one ton (~2200 lb) each, be capable of a maximum individual bandwidth of some 60-80 Gbps, and have solar arrays capable of supplying something like 15-20 kilowatts to power an army of antennas. If SpaceX ultimately wins FCC approval, the ~30,000 satellite Starlink Gen2 constellation as proposed would have a total instantaneous bandwidth of at least 500 terabits per second (Tbps) over land (~1800 Tbps including ocean coverage). As of 2020, the total installed bandwidth of global internet infrastructure was estimated to be 600 Tbps.

Youtube makes about $25-30 billion of revenue annually. Twitter makes about $4-5 billion in revenue annually.

SpaceX has talked about launching Gen 2 satellites twice a month in 2023. This would enable SpaceX to have thousands of Gen 2 satellites in orbit by the end of 2023. This would enable direct orbit to earth text and voice communication service for hundreds of million people (a few million at a time). It would also mean about ten to twenty percent of the complete Gen 2 infrastructure. This would be about 200-300 Tbps of global bandwidth.

9 thoughts on “Elon Musk Confirms Plan to Add Youtube Clone to Twitter”

  1. As an advertiser I will go there in a heartbeat and leave Meta (Instagram) which has inane / insane woke rules.

  2. Twitter grew by being brilliantly simple. The original idea of just being able to send 160 character messages was odd, but the API was completely open and people came up with all sort of ingenious ways to use it.

    Now its completely closed off, but at least it still knew what it wanted to be. Throwing in videos as mass communication is going to be confusing. Wouldn’t that make it more like Tiktok than Youtube?

    • If Musk creates competition for Youtube and its parent Google, then will Google try to create competition for Musk? For instance, if Google suspects that Musk’s platforms will get a special boost from Starlink, then wouldn’t it be logical for Google to make their own version of Starlink to compete with it? And if so, then who would be the launcher?

    • Youtube/twitter/facebook have had the “normie internet” divided between them for over a decade. In internet time that’s about a thousand years.

      There have been rumblings from the far east with wechat and tiktok, but these three empires have held Europe/Americas/Oceania for longer than the Roman empire.

      Anyone who thought it wasn’t going to come crashing down has never read a history book. And it is always some threat that isn’t taken seriously at first, that’s regarded as a clown who doesn’t know what he’s messing with.

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