Elon Will Pay Full Price for Twitter $TSLA

Elon Musk has agreed to pay full price for Twitter. This will end the trial and lift the uncertainty.

Elon is overpaying and there are more Bots on Twitter but the pro-deal Delaware judge does not care.

Elon did not like bad deal he made but it was too late.

Elon will have to take comfort in firing the board and the executives and Twitter and transforming it into a WeChat-like business model.

The new Elon Twitter will work well with SpaceX Starlink and Tesla in car entertainment.

I had a video that explains how the Twitter bots were hiding a decline in real Twitter users.

The Gen2 STARLINK satellites will go up in large numbers in 2024 and those will be able to backhaul a social media video service.

22 thoughts on “Elon Will Pay Full Price for Twitter $TSLA”

  1. Good. I am tired of waiting for a resolution, and I’m glad Musk took it for the team instead of dragging it out further.

    Now begins the drama of reorganization. I wonder how many lawsuits will follow.

  2. It’s not that power corrupts. It’s that power attracts people that are prone to corruption.
    (paraphrased from Frank Herbert)

  3. Exactly. The Musk should pay a full price for his folly of wanting to control Twiter so he can bang our minds as he wishes. No turning back. Soon he will increase bombarding us with his redicoulus messages and we will vomit him. Then the full price will be paid!

  4. The day he takes ownership, Musk needs to pink slip all the content moderators and all of the existing managers and executives. He needs to dispense with this recent DIE idiocy by mandating that all future employees will be hired purely on merit. I think once Twitter becomes a true free speech arena, its fortunes will improve. So much so that the other social media giants will be inspired to follow suit.

    • One person’s ‘free speech arena’ is another’s cesspit of basement trolls and Russian propaganda bots.

      Removing content moderation will just make TWTR into a much bigger 4chan that rapidly becomes a same-sized 4chan.

      • Of course you need moderators to kick off the bots, but banning someone whos politics you disagree with, is the problem that needs to be fixed.

        • Define “politics”. For many people, anti-vaccine (and thus anti health) scaremongering is politics and free speech that should be protected. The same people many times would have no problem forbidding nude photos, which are not free speech in their opinion.

          And yet anti vaccine scaremongering may have much dire consequences than screaming FIRE in a movie theater, which is NOT protected by free speech laws in the US.

          Free speech is a utopia. Everywhere there is only partial free speech and everyone that defends free speech only defends partial free speech and agree that not everything should be freely said nor free expression has no limits.

          It just CHANGES from group to group.

          Example: you must have freedom of speech to show vaccines cause autism. But you can´t have freedom of speech to expose state secrets that can endanger our soldiers or spies.

  5. Musk pissed off all of Ukraine over Crimea commentary, so he’s not getting a high batting average this week.

  6. Will be interesting to see if, and how quickly, the crypto bots, scammers, and spammers will be cleaned up. If quickly then presumably Twitter intentionally allowed it. If not, maybe it’s a harder technical problem than anticipated.

  7. It did not help when those communications surfaced demonstrating that Musk was fully aware that Twitter had a serious bot problem. That kind of undercut his claim to have been blindsided. At least to the extent that a judge could plausibly blow it off.

    He should be able to make Twitter a financial success, or at least not a money pit, by instituting some sort of real bot suppression, (Maybe microcharges when you post?) and dropping the over the top censorship. A lot depends on how the IT ecosystem reacts when he attempts the latter; Will they let him do it, or will he get treated like Gab, with coordinated attacks on multiple fronts? He’s maybe a bit too big to pull that off, but there’s absolutely some vulnerability to internal sabotage from Twitter employees.

  8. With Meta/Facebook in the process of having a shares meltdown due to user attrition onto less sucky/manipulative social networks, and Twitter not being able to show it really has the users it says to have, it’s a bad time for social network investments.

    But I presume Musk will perform some kind of crackdown on bot farms? those that polluted the public discourse and misled many into believing patently false things, always curiously following some despot’s agenda (and not just tankies on third world ones).

    • Musk companies do not seem to have even mediocre cultural hygiene. Add to that the apparent continued drug use by Musk. It doesnt tally well for a new company that deals in culture, and not merely accessorily.

      So the bot thing has always seemed to be missing the forest for the trees.
      On top of also being plain stupid: Musk doesnt deserve benefit of the doubt outside engineering and capitalistic opportunism anymore. C.f. his thailand submarine and this almost autistic Ukraine rhetoric.

      • .. overwrote above:
        Stupid because Musk for some asinine pretext or by actual ignorance is tone deaf to the *****d up culture he enables.

        C.f. tesla racism and every ***d up anecdote corporate or private that’s leaked out over time.

        They used to sound very hard to believe, all things considered. Now it’s hard not to.

        His latest tweets where he laments Ukraine’s sacrifices as in vain, and evaluates suing for peace as wiser. Its not just stupid: it instantly sounds like he’s describing the undesirable consequences for him in further exposing his acquaintances as in those ridiculous text messages.

        • You know, Musk’s companies tend to actually have a very good corporate culture from a very important perspective: They’re very good at doing what they were set up to do. Building electric cars or rockets. Boring tunnels. Making money, keeping the economy working.

          When he was running PayPal, I’m sure the corporate culture wasn’t particularly alphabet soup affirming, or whatever, but PayPal was laser focused on facilitating customer transactions. Now? They seem to have gotten the idea that it’s their job to curate customer transactions, make sure you don’t spend your own money on something they disapprove of, or even are a customer if they don’t like you.

          I’m rather excited to see what happens with Twitter once it’s being run to enable customer communications, instead of with an eye to censoring them.

          Now, it’s true that, outside of the vastly important domains of making money, and making things that actually WORK, he’s kind of mediocre. Eh, whatever, a guy can’t be good at everything.

        • You are regurgitating talking points of “smart in reverse” people of the American left. It is difficult to read for an outsider whi is not an American or lives there and has to deal with real life problems like war. Useless drivel. It is akin to reading some religious American crackpot musings about reptilians or something. Seek help. I’m serious.

      • I don’t know what “cultural hygiene” means, hopefully something very different from “racial hygiene” of 100 years ago, but most people who do work at Tesla or SpaceX like it enough that they’re willing to put 80 hours a week into it. Sure, there have been people who left, sometimes on bad terms, and not everything he does is perfect. It certainly must not be easy to work for someone with such a high trait Conscientiousness. But there is no shortage of people willing to make the effort in order to participate in something they view as relevant.

        And that is culturally much more hygienic than mandating “tolerance” as we have seen again and again in places like Twitter.

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