Pfizer Director Admits No Testing of Stopping COVID Transmission Before Introduction

Here are the EU hearings about the Pfizer vaccine.

Pfizer did not know whether Covid vaccine stopped transmission before rollout.

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  1. I agree. It did reduce infection and therefore logically, transmission… for a few months. The real scandals are 1) Pfizer and the CDC ignoring the adverse event signals in the early data and 2) after it because apparent that the efficacy was short-lived and weak, the bogus CDC regression studies claiming huge reductions in hospitalizations and deaths by ignoring confounding variables when the original huge RCT studies n=88,000 showed increased medical events for the treatment group.

  2. During the covid crisis, all the politicians and doctors on TV repeated that it was necessary to vaccinate because it protected others. Those who didn’t want to be vaccinated were just selfish and irresponsible conspiracists. What a great propaganda! The media has been very successful in manipulating people with fear and guilt.

  3. I understand the side he’s representing, but I don’t completely follow. If the vaccine prevents infection but wasn’t tested for prevention of transmission, it still prevents infection. How else do we catch it if not from each other [save for the initial jump from animals to humans]?

    Whether or not it was tested for preventing transmission is a moot point when it comes to infection. I’d always assumed the point was to prevent infection. I had never really cared if it prevented transmission. Because, as long as people have a vaccine, they’re less likely to get the infection. The only time transmission matters is if someone is not vaccinated.

    With that said, I agree that misleading the public is bad, especially if it allows for things like carrying some kind of vaccine passport, as that has always felt like a very, very slippery slope, to me. Then again, I’ve always been unnecessarily paranoid over a 1984 scenario. So, I’ll be overjoyed if this shuts down any kind of vaccine passport stuff.

    • “save for the initial jump from animals to humans”

      Unfortunately as the mink variant in Denmark showed us it still jumps from humans to animals and back again, even mutating further in the process.

    • It’s not a moot point because all of Europe implemented a vaccine pass system that excluded the unvaccinated from jobs, social life and events based on the assumption that if you were vaccinated you could not catch the virus and you could not transmit it. As Mr. Roos says, people’s lives were impacted, families were broken up, and severe adverse effects and deaths occurred because people were forced to take the jabs.

    • vaccine doesnt prevent infection, it lessens the symptoms

      the entire case of gov-mandated closures, lockdowns and gross infringements on constitutional rights rested on case that the vaccinated wouldnt spread the virus

      Biden said this himself many times, that the “unvaccinated” were the evil people who will have a “dark winter”

  4. Something that tipped me off that the whole covid thing was a complete hype and non-event was that there was no massive die-off of the homeless in the Portland area (where I live), nor did I see dead people in the streets. None of the descriptions in fictional pandemics ever happened, and it was apparent even by early April of ’20.

    • Only 15 million died worldwide of Covid by the best estimates.

      It seems you are not aware of how many people died from COVID in the US, EVEN with the restrictive measures AND vaccine, and therefore how worse it could have been.

        • Perhaps I’m mis-reading the source you linked, but as of Dec 2020 the Infection-Induced Antibody Seroprevalence for the US appears to be shown at 11.5% ?

      • Rogelio,

        You’re close.

        15 million people that died had Covid, but that most likely was not the cause of death. Some people most certainly died of Covid.

        That data is being hidden from the public, because if they had it, it would be published.
        It won’t be published because it would incriminate the politicians and medical community.
        If they don’t have it this data, they’re incompetent and should be fired.

      • My point is that unless its a “slate wiper”, it doesn’t exist as far as I’m concerned. It certainly did not justify any restrictions on personal freedom of action, whatsoever.

        You know, bird flu has had 25 years to mutate into something like that in the John Ringo novel. The fact it has not makes me think it never well. I am now convinced that we are highly unlikely to ever have the kind of slate wiper depicted in the John Ringo and other novels. As such, I believe the entire apparatus of public health should be defunded and completely abolished. There is nothing these people can do for me that I am not capable of doing for myself on my own. Hence they are of no use to me.

  5. Those screaming about being forced to take the vaccine are missing the bigger truth. Had covid continued to spread unchecked by vaccines, then we’d have had yet more lockdowns, and if not lockdowns, then millions more dead and more healthcare systems swamped by the sick, killing many more others. Vaccines were and are our route out of covid, and the impact it’s had on society.

    • I’m pretty much on this side of it. I’m not for vaccine passports for this outbreak, but I’m definitely for vaccinations. If the vaccine prevents infection, whether or not it prevents transmission was always going to be water under the bridge. Preventing infection should be the primary concern.

      I also think that “speed of science” can be understood to mean the speed at which a new and previously untested en masse method of vaccination could be researched and developed so that it could be rolled out ASAP.

      • Mordeiel,

        The vaccine does NOT prevent infections, it never did.
        I was vaccinated, boosted and boosted again, then in December, 2021, somehow, the mask wearing cautious man that I am, somehow, managed to contract Covid, and most likely was the person who infected my daughter.
        Vaccination does not prevent contracting or transmitting
        Covid 19.

    • You have to know your entire thought is utterly false. Jamaica is at 25% fully vaccinated versus 68% for the USA. Jamaica has 1000 deaths per million and the USA has 3000 deaths per million. Chile has 93% fully vaccinated and death rates of 3000 per million. I just can’t understand how people act like the data is not freely available in the age of the internet. Everyone knows your wrong. Americans have taken the Omicron booster at a 4% rate. Not sure what the angle is but you have overplayed the authoritarian hand. Vaccines don’t stop transmission are 16% effective after 3 months. Meaning you would need to be on booster 6 currently with booster 7 coming in January.

      • 1 – How reliable are Jamaica numbers? We must check the extra death numbers AND check whats the usual % of registered deaths (any cause) in Jamaica.

        2 – the official India numbers are less than 1 million deaths. But most statistics show that actually more than 5 million people died in India

        3 – you can´t ONLY check the final numbers… when did Chile reach that % of deaths? Before or after vaccination? How fast was the vaccination campagin in Chile?

        • How about the fact that more people in the U.S. and other high-vax countries died of Covid *after* the introduction of the vaccines? Or how about the astonishing persistence of excess mortality in these same countries.

          The truth is we have no idea how many, if any, lives the vaccines saved. The original RCT’s showed more total medical events (e.g. hospitalizations) in the treatment group. Additional, there were more deaths in the treatment groups.

          The linear regression studies used to calculate absurd numbers of lives saved are garbage, clearly overlooking a major confounding variables. That can be seen from the CDC study that found the vaccines just as effective (~70%) at preventing *non-Covid* deaths.

          Why would the CDC even release such a study? To demonstrate the safety of the vaccines.

          Furthermore the extrapolation of the supposed effectivity against hospitalization and death don’t work when the resulting death rates are back-applied to the populations vaccinated and unvaccinated. If Covid was really so deadly for the unvaccinated, there should have been almost twice as many Covid deaths.

    • And if Farmer Brown’s roosters aren’t crowing, the Sun wouldn’t rise. The effectiveness of the vax needs more evidence than “it would have been a lot worse if we didn’t have it” and when hospitals are so hellbent on counting anything as a Covid death, even when the clear cause of death was trauma from a motorcycle accident (actual case), and the fact that hospitals were getting paid extra for treating Covid, there’s counter evidence to the claim as it brings into question the actual covid mortality rate. And before you say, “anecdotal evidence”, I’d like to point that even something that obvious of a non-Covid related death was counted as a Covid fatality. So imagine the people who was counted as a covid death that was almost diagnosed with Stage IV cancer or was in a coma after suffering a massive heart attack. How many of these people who had non-covid related life threatening ailments and tested positive for Covid actually died from covid?

      • “So imagine the people who was counted as a covid death that was ALSO diagnosed with Stage IV cancer or was in a coma after suffering a massive heart attack. How many of these people who had non-covid related life threatening ailments and tested positive for Covid actually died from covid?”

        That should have been “also” not “almost”.

    • If the vaccine solid NOT stop infection, and it most obviously did NOT, I am proof, and the vaccination did NOT stop transmission, and again, it did NOT, I am proof, then exactly what did it do?

      We can say that it “reduced”
      The symptoms and lowered the chances of getting violently ill and dying, but how can that be quantified?

    • If only we had a control group. Say a large country of 1.4 billion people where they did not use effective vaccinations.
      Then we could see how they progressed and how their society dealt with the disease without the vast majority being vaccinated.

      China is still doing extremely harsh lockdowns today.

  6. Wait till you find about how Covid began, who funded the research and why Fauci shouldve been in jail 2 years ago.

    The news media is always 6months to a year behind the curve, because they need to protect their political intererest, not report the truth or do any actual investigative journalism

  7. I am not sure how you would measure changes in “transmission”. A ten-fold reduction in deaths and hospitalizations is a good enough reason to vaccinate.

    • People were forced/coerced in to vaccination on the basis of “if you get vaccinated you will not spread Covid to your coworkers”.

      If this was just an issue of individuals choosing to reduce their mortality by 10x then there is no justification for forcible workplace vaccination.

      • I maintain there is no basis anywhere for forced vaccination. Let me explain. The best fictional depiction of a plague is John Ringo’s bird flu (The Last Centurion). This bird flu has a 60% mortality rate and there is a vaccine that actually works (unlike the covid-19 vaccines that appear to have pure fraud from the get-go). Even if such a bird flu vaccine had a 1% chance of killing you, you would still be a fool not to get it. 1% chance is better than 60% chance. Let say your neighbors were religious fanatics and did not believe in vaccines. So you get the bird flu vaccine and they do not. Since you are now immune to bird flu, it sweeps through your neighborhood and most of your religious neighbors get it and die,. You do not. Their refusal to get the vaccine in no way impeded your ability to survive the bird flu because you did get the vaccine.

        A global pandemic with a 60% mortality rate is the worse case scenario possible. Since any vaccine mandate makes no sense in such a worse case scenario, such a mandate certainly makes no sense any any lesser scenario. Particularly one where you have a 99.7% chance of surviving without any vaccine whatsoever. Indeed, the only people at risk to the covid-19 virus itself were elderly and/or morbidly obese. Thus, there was never any justification for any of the covid-19 policies such as lockdowns and vaccine mandates. This whole covid-19 business was a hype from the get-go, something that should be obvious to anyone with two or more brain cells to rub together.

        In fact, many of us figured this out the first few days of the “pandemic” (really scamdemic) in March of ’20.

    • You take a number of “vaccinated” people, expose them to sick people, and count how many of them get infected compared to a group of not vaccinated.

    • Re: hospitalization and death. Those CDC regression studies were garbage. They don’t even pass a plausibility test of taking the resulting Covid death rates and applying them to the general population.

      But never mind that. it’s time to ramp up the war on badspeak, I mean MDM. That’s how The Science advances to save Our Democracy.

  8. Some of you here are missing the point.

    There is NEVER, EVER any justification for circumventing informed consent with regards to medicine. Bodily autonomy is the absolute infinite value. All of the medical establishment, politicians, media figures, and corporate executives who violated or worked to violate informed consent need to be prosecuted for felony assault and intent to murder. If this does not happen within the next year or so, we no longer have a legitimate justice system.

    • Well said. They have done irreparable harm to public health as a concept. Even Covid hypochondriacs are over it, Omicron booster rates are at 4% in America. People are now forgoing flu shots due to skepticism.

      • No it doesn’t. You can save two lives by harvesting the kidneys of the one. Heck you can save another life by harvesting a liver, another life by harvesting a heart. So you can save at least 4 by sacrificing the body of the one if you think China style.

        • You can get all the body parts you want in China they harvest the organs of Uygurs,people have no rights in communists countries, some people in the US are determined to harm themselves and others by questioning vaccines,our medicine works, we have freedom of movement and freedom from masks, the Chinese are being starved in their welded shut apartments but we get so many here who are in favor of the communist approach, being too proud to admit their medical establishment is simply too primitive to manufacture an effective vaccine.
          Far left far right and religious cults have brought back polio to the US in New York. Your rights end when you threaten me by your ignorant irresponsible refusal to be properly vaccinated.
          You are all free to move to China no one will force you to take a modern vaccine they refuse to spend $2 billion on Western medicine and instead are costing themselves trillions.

      • Medical interventions that are not based on consent are assault, not legitimate medicine. I have the moral and legal right to defend myself by any mean necessary from any form of assault.

  9. I thought we all knew this already? There were news articles mentioning how this was an unknown variable as data from the first vaccines emerged.

    Of course they didn’t investigate the effects of the vaccine on viral transmissibility. Without challenge testing, how would you? It could be difficult to pin down, and wasn’t necessary for approval. But everyone expected it would decrease transmission anyway, because why wouldn’t it? Decreased viral load. Not coughing at people. Stands to reason.

    • The vaccine didn’t stop transmission or infection. We already knew this? Sounds like the 1000’s of people fired over Covid vax have a great lawsuit then.

      • “The vaccine didn’t stop transmission or infection. We already knew this?”

        You misread the article. They said that they never tested for reduced transmission, not that it didn’t stop transmission. There is a difference.

        And yes, obviously this was known. I was reading it years ago in mainstream news, and clearly all the regulators looking at the data and choosing whether or not to approve knew that there wasn’t any data on transmission being submitted.

        This isn’t breaking news. It’s clickbait.

          • Yes and while that study wasn’t large enough to reach statistical significance, it was in line with the large Swedish study that found that the decline VE against death and hospitalization dropped off in line with the drop in VE against infection. In other words, the newly moved goal post was BS as well.

            Neither the motte (VE vs death & hospitalization) nor the bailey (VE against transmission) is defensible.

            Hopefully, we’ll back off this insane war on “misinformation” before a broken information and feedback system gets us into a nuclear war or some other even worse global catastrophe.

  10. The public health logic was always about reducing transmission and reducing the impact on the medical system to prevent it from being overwhelmed. There was never any need to separately test that. The real scandal was that while the mRNA vaccines were produced within days of having the viral genomes, and safety and efficacy were always very probable just from how the vaccines were produced – there was never challenge testing or permission to make the vaccines available on the open market on condition of reporting results – despite the fact this would have greatly accelerated release. There was far too much caving in to irrational and ignorant public fears of the vaccines and far too little moral responsibility to the people who would die or be harmed by not having access to the vaccines.

    • The issue here is their authoritarian mindset: You can’t volunteer to take risks, that puts the choice in your hands. If you’re going to take risks, it has to be because you were ordered to take them. Because they’re, fundamentally, control freaks.

      It’s not even just ordering and not allowing volunteers. Every communication from the CDC was intended to manipulate the population, rather than inform us so that we could make our own choices. Because the goal wasn’t us making good decisions, it was just us being willing to submit to their decisions.

      They’re control freaks, and it’s warping everything they do.

      • Why am I not surprised the dissenting post on the topic comes from you Brett. Always the right wing bent on the topic, minimizing the seriousness of the matter.

        • “Sure we fired people using a justification that was completely untested and we attempted to forcibly reorient society along untested lines but how dare you point this out! After all we are very science-y people and this all sounded very science-y.”

        • Actually, I think being ordered about by control freaks who lie to the public in order to manipulate them IS a serious matter.

          • Agreed! This public health disaster is very damaging to the public’s trust of authority and science gurus.

      • The point I’m making is well presented by
        in What We Owe the Future.

        The problem, which cost millions of lives, was that every entity involved in decision making on the entire planet was not aggressive enough in making mRNA vaccines freely available and permitting Challenge Testing – that is directly deliberately exposing vaccinated volunteers to the live virus. Those tests would have generated MUCH higher quality data MUCH faster. They ALL caved in to popular ignorance and fear or a simple desire to conform. Nobody, not China or North Korea or International Pharma opposed the consensus and fought to allow Challenge Testing – and millions died unnecessarily as a direct consequence.

  11. My case:
    I caugth COVID on January 2020 in Dubai when, in theory COVID was only in Wuhan. I was working for a Chinese company working with a lot of chinese people in gigantics rooms doing engineering, returning to my country on February with the illnes passed. I was not 100% sure about that was COVID (altough I had the after then known typical simphtoms like lost of taste) till all my family caugh COVID in Summer when pandemic was peaking world wide. All my family in my home, but me. I was inmunized hence I am pretty sure that my illnes of January was COVID. Later, when vacines was available, I received inmediately 3 dosages, 2 from Pfizer and one from Moderna. I caugh COVID again approx. 3 month after the last dosage. Vacines didn´t inmunize me.

    • Only criminals vaccinate someone that already had the disease.
      Because it is unnecessary and dangerous.

      It is high school knowledge. Surely first year of University for MD.
      I just checked the text for them and it says so.

  12. The scientific community pretty early stated that a flock immunity strategies promoted for example by Boris Johnson in UK would not work because of reinfection. Vaccination was pushed to avoid the collapse if the healthcare systems because they reduced the severity of the infections. Hinting that vaccines were useless because they did not prevent the infection is like stating that safety belts and airbags are useless because they do not prevent accidents.

    • To be fair requiring seat belts and airbags provides revenue for suppliers and fining people for not wearing seat belts or having airbags provides revenue to those supposedly looking out for all of us, even though they tell relentlessly that they’d like there to be many many fewer of us. Of course, seat belt and airbag related revenue pales in comparison to the injection sector.

      • People who actually do crash regularly – racing drivers, stunt men – do not use air bags.

        Because they use real seatbelts, not the garbage the big car companies fit to normal passenger cars.

        I’d like to extend this argument to the current subject, but I’m not coming up with an appropriate analogy.

    • I remember the Surgeon General tell us to get the shot to save our grandparents.
      “Do it for your Big Momma,” he said.

      Not only was that BS. They knew it was BS at the time.

  13. So why was it all over the news that if you got the vaccine you would not catch COVID and hence not pass it to anyone?

    • That was never over our news. I think a lot of people heard what they wanted to hear. There was always a lot of uncertainty early on as you would expect. Assuming that it would reduce transmission is perfectly reasonable given the known history of vaccines. And it does. It just declines over 3 months. However this still makes it critical for “flattening the curve” for the sake of the hospitals and doctor to patient ratios. Honestly I think this whole thread is a ridiculous blow up.

  14. Everybody with half a neuron already knew this. Just the fascist authoritarianism by which it was forced on people, made it suspicious. Let’s hope there aren’t many more serious revelations about the gigantic genetic hoax…

  15. Given the urgency with which the vaccine development was pushed, I think it is not justified to criticize them for not testing whether it prevented transmission, since I imagine that would have required much longer clinical trials. Unless the accounts I saw in the news reports were incorrect, the clinical trial did show that vaccinated people caught Covid at a lower rate than unvaccinated people, and vaccinated people who did catch Covid usually had less severe outcomes. That’s pretty good results, and probably justifies approving use of the vaccine.

    As for preventing transmission, is that something that vaccine trials normally include in the testing? It would not surprise me if that is not normally included. I imagine that most people would assume that if a vaccine lowers the rate at which vaccinated people get infected, that naturally would lower the rate of transmission. Of course, in hindsight, that does not take into account transmission by people who are infected but show no symptoms. Is that a new phenomenon with Covid, or is that common with many viruses?

    I think the only justification for criticizing the health authorities about claims that vaccination reduces transmission would be if they continued pushing that reason for getting vaccinated after they learned that vaccination did not actually lower transmission rates. I have to say I don’t know whether they did that or not. Has it actually been proven that vaccination does not reduce transmission rates at all? I’m not a medical expert and don’t try to follow the details that closely. All I can say at the moment is that I am not ready to join in the criticism about this.

      • You guys nailed it. Furthermore, every man, woman, and child in the world should be required to take these concoctions without end and at whatever intervals are required as revised and accelerated or decelerated in order to be able to earn a living or to obtain knowledge. And for sure no company or agency that is involved in the production, distribution, or coercive injection of these should be responsible in any way for the consequences or for that matter should the consequences be acknowledged and tracked. And, if anyone should identify any issues they should be required to shut up or lose their ability to earn a living or to obtain knowledge, even if they took all the things, unless they are coming up with some excuse for new excess deaths in children and young adults due to heart malfunctions such as being caused by cold showers, excitement, and the like.

    • “the only justification for criticizing the health authorities about claims that vaccination reduces transmission would be if they continued pushing that reason for getting vaccinated after they learned that vaccination did not actually lower transmission rates”

      On the contrary. They could have done better. They have said what Fauci said back at the start of 2021, that this wasn’t known, and so the vaccinated should continue wearing a mask.
      Who “they” is, I don’t know. All I ever heard was that you get the vaccine for yourself, but you still need to wear a mask once vaccinated because of that whole in the knowledge. So I don’t understand why it’s making news today.

    • I’m sure it reduces transmission rates, all things being equal. Although if it ends up causing the subsequent infections to be mild enough that people don’t quarantine, maybe not by much.

      The problem I’ve seen all along wasn’t one of not learning the necessary things up front. It was a conspicuous lack of curiosity about them going forward. Over and over I’d see study designs that conspicuously wouldn’t tell us things we needed to know, but instead seemed designed to tell us what they thought the public needed to hear. They’d study to see if being vaccinated was better than not being vaccinated, but actively avoided seeing if there was any good reason for people who’d already had Covid to bother with the vaccine. Which was remarkably stupid given what a huge percentage of the population was contracting it; Probably half the shots were wasted on people who were already immune!

      You can’t blame researchers for not doing research nobody will fund, but why weren’t they funding it?

      • Then, don’t tell us it’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Don’t tell us the vaccine will prevent us from getting Covid. Don’t tell us we are saving others.

        The Vaccine was never as effective as touted. And, the dangers from the Vaccine were actively suppressed.

      • I find the complete lack of follow up data to be uncomfortably conspicuous.

        I can find no health information on the millions of people who supposedly died from Covid 19.

        The fact that they had Covid when they died I would not argue, but what exactly was the cause of death?

        Heart disease, lung disease, emphysema, kidney disease, diabetes, cancer etc etc.
        These are just another column in a spreadsheet that needed to be checked.

        A team of actuaries could parse thru this data quickly and identify who exactly should be protected.

        Instead, “immunize” the planet road is taken, time will tell if this was the correct approach.

  16. But when they did test it, did it stop transmission of the virus?
    If it does not, what exactly did it do?

    • It confers limited immunity to the vaccine recipient and reduces the severity of symptoms when you catch covid. That’s it.

      • In other words:
        -It preventet people from dying from the infection.
        -And it prevented overtaxing the health care system, thus saving others lives as well.

        That’s all, it’s a scandal 🤷‍♂️

      • It’s amusing to me that you still give an inkling of credit to the efficacy of this form of gene therapy… I guess it’s consistent with your continued charity towards LPP, and other fringe nuke things. You just can’t replace that residual grain of hope with the skepticism and disdain needed for full awareness.

        • The mRNA technology is valid, I think. There were several problems in execution, though.

          1. In a quest for sterilizing immunity, they made the vaccine too focused on just the spike protein. Sure, it was the best target if you wanted the resulting antibodies to be able to stop an infection from getting started in the first place, but it allowed mutations to evade the vaccine. A more broad spectrum vaccine more closely approximating natural immune response would have been more robust against mutations.

          2. Once Trump left office, Operation Warp Speed was terminated by the incoming administration, and the pressure on the FDA to approve things rapidly went away. So one of the key advantages of mRNA vaccines, being able to rapidly update the vaccine to track a mutating virus, was thrown away. Instead they just kept doubling down on an increasingly obsolete version of the vaccine. They HAD updated versions, mind you. But they couldn’t be sped through approval, so they might as well not have existed.

          3. To increase public urgency for vaccination, and, frankly, to ease their own tracking effort, (Vaccinations were centrally recorded, positive test results weren’t.) they decided to completely ignore natural immunity. That pissed off everyone who’d already had Covid and didn’t like being treated like they weren’t already immune, and raised serious and justified concerns about the extent to which public policy was NOT being made on the science.

          4. My own pet peeve: This was the first major public vaccination push in decades, and came after a change to recommended injection procedure. It used to be that when you got an injection intended for solid tissue, they would insert the needle, and then attempt to aspirate blood by pulling back on the plunger. If you drew blood, you knew you were in a blood vessel, and could relocate the needle to avoid injecting into the blood stream.

          Recently they stopped recommending this procedure. The predictable result was that a lot of Covid vaccinations got administered systematically, rather than locally, by accident. And that local irritation that gives you a big goose egg? Distributed along the linings of your blood vessels and heart, instead.

          This decision is probably responsible for a lot of the nasty side effects we’ve seen in terms of heart problems. The medical community is continually learning things, but sometimes they get lazy and backtrack on things they were already doing right. Like asepsis, before this. I think the change in injection technique was a huge mistake.

          • “A more broad spectrum vaccine more closely approximating natural immune response would have been more robust against mutations”

            You don’t necessarily get a linear increase in protein targets for the same increase in R&D effort into it – adding more targets would have taken longer and the spike protein was seemingly the obvious target when the virus was first identified.

            Even using just the spike protein the first public rollout was still early 2021, it could have taken many months longer if they had dithered over mutliple targets.

          • I wish we still had an up-vote system – that’s interesting and useful information I’d never before heard.

        • “It’s amusing to me that you still give an inkling of credit to the efficacy of this form of gene therapy…”

          LOL I never got vaccinated. That’s what I thought of the vaccine. When I caught Covid BA2 it was a one day cold.

          • Two days of a very severe cold for me, but then, I am in my 60’s.

            I will note, though, that it took months of exercise for my stamina to completely recover, even after the acute symptoms had passed, which is more than I can say about the cold or even influenza.

        • “of this form of gene therapy”

          mRNA therapies use a limited life (days at most) genetic vector to disperse treatment, but they do not confer alterations to the nuclear/mitochondrial DNA genomes of the patient.

          Your inference that it is a “gene therapy” is misleading at best as most people would assume genetic modification from that.

          Either you are ignorant of this, or you are willfully misleading people with malice.

          My money would be on the latter.

          • I’m quite happy to have evaded the shot – the harder they pushed, the more libertarian I became. The shot clearly underperformed to such an extent that I question there was any efficacy at all. My position is that the vaccines did literally nothing besides provide psychological relief for the fearful masses. The pandemic fear was amplified to accomplish consolidation of power over the proletariat. The pandemic proved several things I always suspected about intelligence, lack there of, and evil.

      • I know we have been told this but how is it possible to quantify?
        How do we even know it does
        reduce severity of symptoms, is this even possible to quantify or measure?

        Coming from one who has been vaccinated, boosted, and reboosted, then somehow contracted Covid and most likely infected my family members.

        • We got some good numbers out of medical settings, where they were doing extensive tracking and testing of employees. Yes, the vaccine wasn’t that great at actually preventing infections, after the immediate period of sterilizing immunity passed, but it did substantially reduce severity, vaccinated individuals were a lot less likely to end up hospitalized.

          It wasn’t as effective in this regard as having actually had Covid, but it was worth while and less risky than contracting Covid unless you were quite young.

          • “but it did substantially reduce severity, vaccinated individuals were a lot less likely to end up hospitalized” – that hasn’t been proved either. On the contrary, I know of several suspicious deaths of fully vaccinated healthy people.

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