Tesla Model Y Passing Toyota Corolla as Best Selling Car

Tesla produced more Model Y than Toyota Corolla in the third quarter of 2022. Tesla produced about 238,000 Model Y and delivered 224,208 Model Y in the third quarter. Toyota delivered about 222k-230k Corolla’s in the third quarter.

Tesla’s Model Y year-to-date revenue is about $33 billion versus Corolla at about $20-21 billion.

Tesla ramping production in Berlin and Austin will be all Model Y until mid-2023. Austin will then start making Cybertrucks.

Tesla will be the clear best selling car leader in terms of units sold in Q4 2022 and then will grow that lead in 2023 and beyond.

The Tesla sales and production data is from Tesla, Troy Teslike and others. Toyota sales data is from Marklines, Goodcarsbadcars.net and Carsalesbase.com.

4 thoughts on “Tesla Model Y Passing Toyota Corolla as Best Selling Car”

  1. Tesla stock is crashing as they miss income,and delivery targets, no company has fallen behind their projections of batteries and autonomy as badly as Tesla.
    Tesla lowered projections for the year and won’t meet even those.
    General Motors makes almost twice as much and sells for $34 while for some reason Tesla is over $200. Unlikely Tesla can increase EV sales as fast as GM,and they aren’t even in the autonomy race GM is running with Waymo.

    • I understand you have done about Zero research on Tesla? Still think Tesla is a car company?
      Well, they are far from a car company.
      They are one of the most advanced Tech companies in the world, and the best company to work for if you are a great engineer/programmer.
      (According to top University surveys)

      And Tesla is about to be the fastest growing generational company in history.
      Mark my words.
      Worth $5 trillion in 2026/2027 and worth around $15-$30 trillion in 2032. (10 years from now is hard to predict, but the numbers will be nutty).

      Do some research what the analyst/media said in 2014, when Elon said Tesla will sell 500k cars in 2020, 2014- the year they sold about 30k cars. Everybody laughed at Elon.
      They also laughed in 2015 when Elon said Tesla would be wore worth than Apple was in ‘15, in 10 years.
      Tesla sold 500k cars in 2020, and Tesla inly needed 5 years to reach the value Apple was at in 2015.

      So why not be happy that we have a company line Tesla, excellerating the shift to sustainable energy? And TaaS. And workforce abundance.
      I am very happy.
      And I believe in the future, thank to what Tesla is doing.

    • “sells for $34 while for some reason Tesla is over $200.”

      How is anyone supposed to take you seriously when you don’t even understand basic financial concepts? Ticker price is meaningless. Tesla could split 6-1 tomorrow to match GM’s ticker price. It wouldn’t matter. The market cap remains the same.

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