Video of Elon Musk Entering Twitter Lobby With Bathroom Sink

There is a video of Elon Musk entering the lobby of Twitter carrying a bathroom sink.

He is laughing and joking.

Entering Twitter HQ – let that sink in!

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  1. He wants a WeChat MegaApp clone for the western world. He seems like a likely candidate for pulling that off. That said, the odds of pulling that off to begin with are very low. WeChat had a combination of government backing, good timing with few viable competitors (for individual domains within the MegaApp), and a platform ecosystem supporting sub-apps that allowed many other startup to bootstrap off it, and eventually become folded into it. The US has too many domain specific heavyweights already in existence that largely prevent the necessary preconditions for a MegaApp to somewhat easily emerge for now.

    Now the interesting speculation currently circulating is that a substantial portion of Twitter revenue is derived from chinese ad microtargeting of individuals via the ad system, which is going to be a potential issue. If true, then he can’t take action against that due to systemic risk to himself from ad revenue being held hostage crippling twitter and impacting his Tesla shares.

  2. Just making a lot of business for lawyers and police. People may say what they want, but that does not mean there are not consequences. Libel, threats to the lives of people, stock fraud… Yep, the lawyers will have plenty of business.
    Vulnerable teens and preteens may be killing themselves by the hundreds from bullying tweets. Though, obscene propositioning of near children by grotesque old men…will likely push them somewhere else. All so billionaires can tweet freely and get themselves in lots of legal trouble.
    And then I bet Twitter is making a lot of their money removing things for corporations or political interests. Earnings that will be lost.
    And I bet the number of people who are happy about no censorship will be much smaller than the number of people who will go elsewhere because they will be followed and berated at every tweet. It will become the sociopaths’ playground. The art of derision will reach new heights…or is that lows? Tweety bird vs the 10 gauge.

    • “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

      “Human sacrifice and mass hysteria” – “Cats and dogs living together!” – Bill Murry in Ghostbusters

      It’s just a little frees speech, LOL.

      He is just having a little fun, at your expense, as I can now clearly see.

      • No, the valid thing he wants to argue is just badly delivered. 4chan is not the future. It’s just trash. Trash culture is not the future. Idiocy, neuroticism, sophistry, racism, etc, are all trash, and not the future. It doesn’t matter how ingratiated you or anyone else feels in petty and not so petty schadenfreude.

        Musk is socially inept. His rockets will take us to Mars. They will do nothing to improve the actual culture of the rockets’ passengers. Likewise Twitter. BFR/Ss expedite our jailbreak from this gravity well. They also expedite exposure to radiation and low gravity.

    • Hundreds of people killing themselves when they read an uncensored tweet.

      Honestly? That’s the apocalyptic vision you’ve come up with?

      Why didn’t the Russians just get a couple of email spam accounts and get the Ukrainians to all kill themselves?
      What if a criminal learned this technology and could wipe out cities with some offensive graffiti?
      What if a mass killer got access to a sky-writing aeroplane?

      The possibilities are limitless.

      • Elon does worry me from time to time…not paying the injured engineer’s family a big check…now he wants to name a kid after a Covid variant. We need Tony Stark, not your Howard Hughes, Elon.

  3. The sink is for the money the Musk is loosing in tae deal. He thinks that money will be him influence and is only starting to pay.

      • Why did he take the bathroom sink, then? Surely an actual kitchen sink would be lighter and easier to carry around the office?

        • Maybe one of those stainless steel ones. The porcelain ones are incredibly heavy. Trust me on this, I’ve installed them.

        • The bathroom sink is slightly odd, the toilet bowl would have been much better at conveying general sentiments. After acquisition, declare bankruptcy, can all the entitled clowns, rename the company Tweeter and full steam ahead.

    • * He thinks his money is going down the drain
      * Twitter is a “sinking ship*
      * He thinks something is mis-sink from Twitter and he’s bringing it.
      * He’s a juvenile jerk

      Take your pick

      • I thought it was a visual gag for “let that sink in”.

        The ideologues and fanatics hate it, because Elon and because of their chronical lack of any sense of humor whatsoever.

    • God help us all if any of us, with many billions of dollars to our name, found that it required we completely turn all sad sack, wear a suit every visible moment, and never ever display a sense of humor or, heavens forfend, do or say anything even slightly amusing.

      I’m not ready for a world full of Putin and Xi clones.

    • He may have just told someone to run to Home Depot and buy a sink. Or maybe he did specify a kitchen sink and they messed up. There are a number of ways to interpret either a kitchen of a bathroom sink.

      Would have been even scarier for the Twitter folks if he’d come in lugging a toilet (or even a urinal), but it’s nice he didn’t plumb the depths of bathroom humor.

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