Orion Flying Over the Moon

An uncrewed Orion spacecraft on a six-week mission around the Moon and back to Earth. It is currently orbiting the mon and there is live feeds from it.

5 thoughts on “Orion Flying Over the Moon”

  1. Well it IS just hype to keep the money flowing to contractors, but the ‘probe’ actually was a potentially manned craft that just happened to not be carrying anybody. (Because even NASA isn’t careless enough about human life to put humans on the SLS on the first go.) So a bit more than the Russians have done, even if it was hundreds of times more expensive.

  2. Yep, I saw the Moon eclipsing Earth seen from Orion in real time, and it was incredible to say the least.

    Artemis 1 is turning out to be a source of memorable footage. Very thoughtful of them to include so many cameras.

    I guess the SpaceX style of donning selfie sticks to their rockets has created a cultural precedent, and now everyone wants to see the spaceships in full HD.

  3. Have to say, this is completely unexpected that its all working. If the SLS had blown up on the launchpad, that might not have been so bad in the long run. Now they’ll start building another $4billion rocket to replace it.

    • I’m happy it worked because I don’t root for explosions or grief.

      Also, I see Artemis and SLS as the launching platforms for a greater future, even if a bit circumstantially.

      They will give money allowing SpaceX to mature space refueling and crewed Starship for actual interplanetary service, despite the HLS and the Martian one being different versions.

      NASA’s experience with long term space stays, microgravity, radiation shielding and life support are a boon for SpaceX and will shorten the development time.

      And once Starship is ready, SLS can retire with grace.

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