Status of Quantum Computing

There has been many billions of dollars invested into quantum computing. The picture above is partial view of the companies and institutions working toward quantum computing.

William Oliver of MIT gave an overview of the status of Quantum Computing as of late 2021.

There had been experimental indications that the 1 and 2 qubit systems for several types of hardware are getting to useful levels of fidelity (reliability). In a separate talk by IonQ, they indicated that a Barium ion system could achieve non-error corrected fidelity of 99.98%. This would be at level where about 100 physical qubits could have 70 reliable logical qubits even without error correction. IonQ believes 70+ logical qubits via error correction or high fidelity will enable commercial useful work to be done.

The main potential application areas are quantum simulation, machine learning, factoring, optimization and search.

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  1. You ask how can quantum computing be bogus with so many “elite” venture capitalists and private equity funds investing in it? Well, many of these same players invested in FTX.

    The fact is that due diligence is rarely done these days. This is why Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos was able to snow so many “elite” people. Now we see the same thing again with FTX.

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