Twitter Transformation in the next 15 Months

Tesla Herbert has a list of his expected changes and features to Twitter.

Elon is laying off about 3500 employees which reduce the cash burn by almost half.

Adding new features like creator monetization and videos could rapidly transform the financials at Twitter.

Getting the cloud infrastructure more efficient could provide stop the cash burn in early 2023.

There are reports that daily active users have increased by 20% in the days since the purchase.

19 thoughts on “Twitter Transformation in the next 15 Months”

  1. Soon, twitter is goinig to be eliated as a whole. The user will not take this. They are leaving in troves. There are other platformd. Like facebook twitter is old. This is going to be the Musk biggest fiasco to date.

  2. Looks like a 20-step program to creating a cesspool, as advertisers continue to drop like flies. GM, VW, Stellantis, ATT, Unilever, MLB, etc. I’ll leave the only quote on the issue that matters right here:

    No one wants ads appearing along anti-Semitic posts or violent language because the optics are bad, unless for some strange reason that’s the demographic a company is specifically targeting. This is not about political correctness. This is about basic business strategy. The issue isn’t inherently about free speech or freedom but about crafting a brand or product that connects with the most consumers and avoids situations that alienate people.

    Damn right.

    • Your assumption that the possibility of anti-Semitic tweets is driving advertisers away is empirically wrong. Ilhan Omar, Jeremy Corbin and the Islamic Republic of Iran have never had their accounts suspended, to name a few well known anti-Semites who have always been embraced by the Twitterati.

      This could be fanfare to keep the woke mobs away, while the companies very quietly come back in a month. If they stay away, it’s much more likely that they are deciding that the advertising spend on Twitter is ineffective, rather than concern about the content of tweets where their ads show up.

      • Nice try with the Ilhan Omar anti semitism flame attempt🤡

        Criticism of Israeli government =/= anti Jewish.

        The fact that the GOP rushed to conflate criticism of a national govmt with insult to an diverse ethnic group dispersed across the entire world (Israel is only 30% vs 51% in the US) only shows the weakness of their position on the issues Ilhan discussed on the House floor, not to mention the GOP partisan status bought by Israeli lobbyists working within the US.

        The same with Corbyn who did not personally make such comments – he was blamed by Tories for alleged actions taken by 2 Labour party members, never mind that the Tories casting aspersions on Corbyn are demonstrably 1000x worse by their actions over the past decade, and especially so in the last 3 years.

        The EHRC that made the determination of anti semitism is a UK govmt body that was already controlled for 10 years by Tories at the time of the investigation.

        Considering how similar govmt watchdogs have ruled in favor of corrupt Tory actions in the last year alone it’s a joke to call any part of their govmt oversight apparatus unbiased at this point – it’s the Eton club through and through.

  3. He wasted all that money on twitter! He could have built a dozen Tesla /Battery factories. He could have nearly completely financed his dreams of going to Mars. His own hubris will eventually be his downfall.

  4. Whatever the hell this is going to turn into, it won’t be Twitter anymore. Its going to be something hard to explain and complicated to use, like Zuck’s Metaverse.

  5. Musk does have an interesting opportunity in the form of micropayments for content on twitter, branching out to micropayments of general content elsewhere on the web. The holy grail of sub-cent payments could change the internet economy greatly. Naturally, twitter uses the carry trade margin of the backing accounts to make money…

    If you had a means to frictionlessly throw a tip at a tweet that was of value to you rather than a like, would you?

  6. Why is it that these companies don’t perform this kind of changes by themselves? without uncle Elon coming and buying them.

    Most seem pretty obvious and useful. It’s as if Twitter et al were rather interested in obfuscating communication!

    Well, at least the bot infestation was a feature, not a bug. But the lack of an edit button was always hard to understand for me.

    • I agree. Twitter owns Vine, an area tiktok has come to dominate, and twitter’s response…crickets. Elon overpaid for what he got, but his 44 billion will look like a good in a few years, when the new IPO hits and he triples his money.

    • It’s the standard point: If you’re not paying for it, you’re the product, not the customer. And the service gets optimized for the customers, not the product.

      Hopefully Musk’s switch to a paid service will reverse that incentive.

      Also, once Twitter achieved anything like monopoly status in their niche, they started acting like a monopolist. And a monopolist is, functionally, one of the customers. The product got optimized to mess with the users in a manner the people running the service approved of, such as the censorship and bannings.

      • Censorship and bannings? When the village decides you’re acting in an unfriendly manner to the rest of its inhabitants, they do something about it. Twitter ditching the troublemakers? That’s no different than the good manners my mom taught me growing up.

        • There were plenty of troublemakers left on Twitter, and Agrawal was doing absolutely nothing about them so long as they had pronouns in their bio. So the story doesn’t check out.

          • Dated 11-11-22. Richard Spencer, Jason Kessler, Libs of TikTok all had faced some disciplinary action from Twitter in the past, are now back and ‘blue checked’. Looks like they’re actively working to add more troublemakers, starting with a nazi.

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