Tesla Charging Advantage and Technology for Cybertruck and Semi Truck

The highest power that can be used to charge existing Tesla Model 3 and Model Y is about 300 kilowatts. Tesla will likely be able to make minor modifications to enable existig 250 kilowatt chargers to increase power to 300 kilowatts. The higher power charging revealed at the Tesla Semi delivery day will enable new version 4 Superchargers with 500-600 kilowatts of charging for Cybertrucks with up to 200 kilowatt hour battery packs.

Jordan of the Limiting Factor has determined that the Tesla megacharging technology should be able to handle 2.3 megawatt charging what will provide the fastest charging for Semi trucks with 900 kilowatt battery packs.

Tesla charging network across North America is about ten times as many charging stations as the next largest charging network. Tesla charging speed and power are faster, better and far more reliable.

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