Brian Wang on Farzad Tesla Panel

I, Brian Wang, was part of today’s Farzad Tesla panel. Here is the youtube video recording. There was a discussion of the Tesla price cuts in China and the impact on margins.

7 thoughts on “Brian Wang on Farzad Tesla Panel”

  1. Tesla is having not only China but also Europe market share quickly slipping down. The whole concept of building expensive, technology advanced but unrliable cars is crashing. It can fit a pioneer car maker, but not a maturing industry.

    • Market share of what? for Gods sakes .. how are EV cars a `market` of their own, thats presuming that people who buy EVs are a separate market from the ICE market, they are NOT, its just a car market

      Tesla sells 40% MORE cars than the year before means their share of the CAR market increased

      • Market share has nothing to do with increases or decreases in number of units sales. Do you want me next to spell simple arithmetics with you? If separate figures are made for electric vehicles it is because in many respects they are considered as a separate market.

        • Really? .. considered a `separate` market by whom?

          Don`t explain `simple arithmetic` to me .. try explaining how there is a EV market and a ICE car market, that they are not just bloody CARS .. do you think that EVs are magic cars bought by magic people? if someone buys a EV they don`t buy a ICE because they bought a CAR not a specific power system

          If every single car sold from 2030 onwards on earth as a example was a EV car and Telsa was selling 10 Million of them (note that now is the total car market, not a magic separate one, why?, because all cars are EVs) by your logic Teslas `market share` would have dropped substantially from today when they only sell 1.3 Million (Because to you that 1.3 million is segmented in a magic EV car market) … that kind of `simple arithmetic` is pure RUBBISH .. cars are cars and at present Tesla is by selling more cars increasing its share of the CAR market period.

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