Electric Truck Report Predicted 400 Mile Range in 2030 Not Tesla 500 Mile Semi in 2023

There was a 2021 analysis of electric trucks in China, but the introduction of mega charging and the Tesla Semi has completely outdated the assumptions. The report by The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) looked at the Total Cost of Ownership for Heavy Trucks in China: Battery-electric, fuel-cell electric and diesel trucks. It was pro-large electric trucks but it totally underestimated the capabilities that are being delivered by the Tesla Semi. They were more accurate when comparing with the other large electric trucks on the market. I compare all of the electric trucks on the market today in this table.

The report was expecting 1000 kilowatt of battery to provide 400 miles of range in 2030.

Charging speeds will tractor-trailer trucks will be 1-3.75 megawatts and not 360 kilowatts. This means charging will be 3 to ten times faster.

4 thoughts on “Electric Truck Report Predicted 400 Mile Range in 2030 Not Tesla 500 Mile Semi in 2023”

  1. TL DR … (meetings, meetings, meetings)

    However, as far as the CHINESE market is concerned, Tesla hasn’t ‘outdated’ the prediction-of-availability or prediction-of-need. Much of China’s hauling is definitely shorter than American hauling. Indeed … only the Russians and Australians have significantly longer long-haul runs than America.

    Just quickly saying…

  2. You are really credulous if you print $180K for a Tesla semi,the $35K 3 never saw the light of day either, in the US.

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