Near Term Technology and Structures of the Solar System to Reach 24% of Lightspeed

Jeff Greason’s provides his fastest summary of leveraging the solar wind, pellet riding and Q drive to reach 24% of the speed of light.

Q drive uses the solar wind as a power source to accelerate reaction mass. This can take 25% of the mass of the vehicle to go 4 times faster.

Simply using a plasma magnet to create a magnetic field we can reach the speed of the solar wind at 0.2% of light speed (600 km/second). A $20-40 million cubesat mission could prove this with a 30 day flyby of Jupiter.

Dynamic soaring on the solar wind at the edge of the solar system can get to 2% of the speed of light in 1 to 2 years.

A stream of pellets can be sent from the sun at 2% of the speed of light. Ride the pellet stream to get ot 6% of the speed of light.

Use the Q drive trick to get to 24% of the speed of light.