Tesla Fourth in Global Car Unit Sales in 2022 and Second in Q4 2022

Focus 2 move reports on overall car sales in 2022 with Toyota Corolla maintaining its top unit sales for the full year. Focus2move ranks the Tesla Model Y fourth for the full year. The Tesla Model Y had the most sales for a single model by revenue in 2022. If the Toyota Corolla, Rav 4 and Ford 150 had relatively equal sales in each quarter then the Tesla Model Y with 257000 sales in Q4 and an annualized 1028,000 likely had the second most unit sales in Q4.

1. Toyota Corolla 1.12 million units sold (-2.2%).
2. Toyota RAV4 869,955 unit sales (-13.8%), the best selling SUV in the World
3. Ford F-Series 786,757 sales (-8.8%)
4. Tesla Model Y with 758,605 cumulative sales in 2022 (+88.3%)
5. Toyota Camry 675,272 sales (-3.0%)
6. Honda CR-V 600,679 sales (-18.1%)
7. Tesla Model 3 595,747 (+4.3%).
8. Chevrolet Silverado 591,758 sales (+1.8%)
9. Toyota Hillux 564,208 (+2.5%)
10. Hyundai Tucson 563,972 (+1.0%)

10 thoughts on “Tesla Fourth in Global Car Unit Sales in 2022 and Second in Q4 2022”

  1. If they want to keep growing sales, they need more models.

    BMW and Volvo sell a similar number of vehicles in the US. They have dozens of models. Tesla has 2 volume models.

    Give us a plastic-clad offroader, a shorter aero option, a coupe, a coupe SUV, a wagon, etc. Easy variations that every other automaker does to increase differentiation.

  2. I wasn’t able to find the same Tesla numbers, but I also didn’t look through many articles. I found them listed as 9th and 6th (and Kelly Blue Book also lists the Model Y at 9th). Where is your original source? The article at the top is backlinked to this one.

    What I found:


    But, again, small sample size on my part.

    • The first link `car and driver` makes no sense
      in 2022 Tesla sell 1.310,000 Vehicles and have only the 3 and Y as big models (x/s very limited)
      Car and Driver give
      Model Y 231,000
      Model 3 198,000
      or 428,000 vehicles well what the hell models were the other 880.000 ? I can only presume its US sales?

      • Ooooh! You know what, I bet you’re right! I didn’t check to see what part of those might have been explicitly U.S. numbers. I was assuming they were all global numbers. ^_^;;

  3. The link for this claim just points back to this very article. That type of referencing isn’t acceptable in most peer reviewed journals.

  4. Tesla isn’t anywhere close to top in auto sales.They do alright in EV sales but certainly not in auto sales. Very misleading.

  5. With Tesla’s recent price cuts and large EV incentives Tesla could be the #1 producer in 2023. Their auto sales profit margins will go down but maybe they can offset that with increased self driving revenue.

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