Tesla FSD Version 11.3 Wide Release in About Two Weeks

Elon Musk tweeted it looks like V11.3 will be ready for wide release in about 2 weeks. Many major improvements.

8 thoughts on “Tesla FSD Version 11.3 Wide Release in About Two Weeks”

  1. How many lemmings bought fsd for $15K in 2022? Their names should be made public, and they should be sent to reeducation science camps.

  2. No,no,no, very amateurish software, no improvement at all for the full self driving of 2016,it’s full self driving but in a Tesla that means YOU drive. Please don’t embarrass yourself with any more reporting on this massive fraud.

    • I think it was a fraud that other companies acted like they had it when they didn’t. We will know in short order, I guess.

      • Other companies, like GM are driving people, for money, with no drivers, how can you call that a fraud?
        Look at Elon;he said he wouldn’t sell Tesla stock, he’s a liar. FSD has never done what he claimed, not in 2016 not in 2022 not in 3022.

        • Did you fail grade school English classes?
          Elon never said he would never sell stock. He said he had no “plans” to sell stock!

          Definition of “Plan”
          decide on and arrange in advance.
          “they were planning a trip to Egypt”

          The others are poor imitations of Tesla Autopilot, not even close to Tesla’s FSD.
          The cars driving people around are geofenced using HD mapping. Nothing more than fancy slot car system that can’t be scaled. Take them out of their sandbox and they stop functioning, they can’t even handle simple impromptu street repairs.

          Tesla’s FSD is currently a driver’s assistance system that could be dropped on any road and be able to drive. The beta is getting very good and only a matter of time before it’s true Full Self Driving.

          FSD is not a car comparing its internal HD map with an HD image of the streets, buildings, etc around it that gets lost if too much doesn’t match. FSD uses vision and labeling to actually drive and make decisions.

          Comparing the different self-driving systems is like comparing trains and trolleys on tracks to a car on wheels.

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