Tesla Semi Has Over 2000 Orders

An independent media site reports that Tesla has 2000 orders for the Tesla Semi truck. Tesla has targeted building and delivering 50,000 Tesla Semi trucks in 2024. This would imply that Tesla has strong interest for many orders if the early adopters, Pepsi and Walmart, get good results for the first few hundred trucks.

Above is a picture of the Tesla Semi with Pepsi-Fritolay and the four 750 kilowatt chargers

Tesla is its own customer for its fleet of over 2000 class 8 big rig trucks.

Tesla has been using Tesla Semi’s to move passenger cars.

Here is a sped up video of the entire 500 mile demonstration drive of the Tesla Semi.

A Canadian Youtuber whose company, ET Transport, has a fleet of Freightliner and Volvo trucks has ordered two Tesla Semi. His company uses truck mainly 200 mile range deliveries. The company expects another year for the two Tesla Semi they ordered a few months ago. They are completing a new trucking terminal in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

It costs about $20,000 to reserve a Tesla Semi.

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  1. Tesla just broke ground on a new factory in Nevada to build the semi. There is no way they deliver 50,000 of them in 2024.

    Stop reprinting press releases as “news” or journalism.

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