World 8 Billion and India Passing China’s Population

The UN estimates that the world passed 8 billion people in December 2022 and April 2023 India will pass China’s population.

There are errors in population estimates of at least 1%.

China has been the world’s most populous country for hundreds of years. In 1750, China had about 225m people, more than a quarter of the world’s total and India had about 200m. In 2023 it will seize the crown. India’s population will surpass that of China on April 14th. India’s population on the following day is projected to be 1,425,775,850.

India is estimated reach nearly 1.7 billion residents by 2050 and further expected to reach its peak in 2063, but by 2100, India is also expected to decline to 1.53 billion people in 2100. However, India has also passed peak fertility and the drop in population could peak at a lower number and fall to a lower number.

In 2100, China’s population could be half at about 700 million. China’s hangover from the one child policy could see a rapid population drop.

We will see if aging reversal or radical antiaging is developed and widely deployed over the next few decades to change this outcome.

13 thoughts on “World 8 Billion and India Passing China’s Population”

  1. Xi for sure is going to build children farms. With a genetic prediction to be loyal to him and a indoctrinated. Perhaps one day with artificial wombs. He’s not going to allow for his dream of a sole superpower China to slip away because of low fertility rates.

    • Yeah and he’ll probably use his own DNA. What better way to propagate into the future? Become a dictator of one of the most strictly, socially engineered societies on the planet… and mandate the birth of a billion babies…to fill in the gaps from years and years of 1 child policy…

      It’s surprising what a powerful dictator can get away with

    • There’s no “one day” about it.

      Human artificial gestation is barely over the horizon having been tested on another large mammal species already.

      All they need to do is sponsored egg harvesting drives and their populations will leap into the stratosphere once more.

      It wouldn’t even surprise me if it were made possible to simply produce near limitless ova in the future from a persons stem cells to match the abundance in sperm donated.

      With limitless ova the only limit to scaling is the space for artificial gestation chambers and parents to handle them – then they just need robot nannies 😂

  2. Populations have always been overestimated. Third world countries boasts of a high population as they did nit fmsevelop civil states, nothing can be checked. Cities and municipalities delayed recording of deaths Some people are registered at two places like me, for different reasons.

    • India’s population is undercounted if anything. Large underdeveloped regions with semi-tribal populations, huge year-round migrations of informal laborers… wouldn’t be surprised if they were already #1.

    • Starting with water. Over half the world’s population is served by rivera that begin in the Himalayas and run through the Tibetan “Autonomous” Region.

  3. Once the Starships start the colonization of the solar system, the population explosion will be logarithmic. We claim this sector of the galaxy ours. Long live humanity.

    • Remember, the “high ground” is pointing outwards towards the Galaxy. Have you seen our “hyper-sonic missile”? Yeah, it’s a rock.

    • Lol, it would literally be easier to colonise the Antarctic or the deep Sahara desert than basically anywhere else in the Solar System.

      • Not really… All you need is the framework. At the current price of aluminum ($.48 lb), 1 billion dollars would buy you roughly 2 billion pounds of aluminum.

        Start assembly of the trusses and support structures for a rotating habitat. While you’re at it, prefabricate modular housing units to be occupied around the perimeter of the rotating habitat.

        You do realize Starship will be able to launch 100 metric tons!

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