In 2023 SpaceX Tripling Rest of World in Launch Payload

In Q4, 2022, SpaceX launched 142 tons to space while the rest of the world launched 157 tons. In 2023, Elon Musk indicates that SpaceX will average 400 tons to orbit every quarter. This will be nearly triple the launch payload mass for the rest of the world.

SpaceX should have 24 Falcon 9 launches in Q1, 2023 and one Falcon Heavy. SpaceX should have 25-30 Falcon 9 launches and three Falcon Heavy launches in Q2 2023. This should be about 300-500 tons in Q1 and 500-700 tons in Q2.

When SpaceX has the Super Heavy Starship launching 100 to 150 tons with every launch, then they will launch every day they launch a Starship the entire, Q4, 2022 payloads.

SpaceX plans to have Super Heavy Starships built by the end of 2023. Three to five launches each day from a fleet of five Super Heavy Starships would equal all of the payload for Q1 2023.

6 thoughts on “In 2023 SpaceX Tripling Rest of World in Launch Payload”

  1. Careful. Careful. Bureaucracy is watching (and hating):
    “…FAA proposes fining SpaceX for missing launch data

    The FAA announced Feb. 17 it is seeking to fine SpaceX $175,000 for failing to provide collision avoidance data before a Falcon 9 launch last year….”

    Regret selling those rigs now?

  2. Let us pause here to observe how absolutely insane/great it is that there is only one company, and one man, who is basically responsible for making the private space industry viable, while even the government space agency – NASA – can’t seem to create even an orbital manned rocket anymore.
    What has happened to this country?!

    • Among its early employees Spacex hired many of the former NASA engineers who were laid off and has built massively upon that knowledge with their own innovations. Nasa has moved away from the manufacturing to let private industry do what it does best in reducing costs. We do not need the government to build overpriced rockets it was time to move on.

      • Nasa was never into manufacturing they they used rocket built for the military and hired the companies making these rockets to customize them. Initially the rockets were military balistic missiles. Later they hired these companies to design and build the apollo rocket and the space shuttle and SLS.

    • well when its more important putting someone with a vagina on the moon then actually just getting back to the moon this is what you get

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