Limitless Space Studying Nanowarp Bubbles and Funding Breakthrough Power and Propulsion

Limitless Space Institute is sponsoring student programs and giving away about $2 million every two years in grants for work towards enabling interstellar travel. They gave out nine grants. Limitless Space Institute is working with the Breakthrough Institute. Limitless Space Institute is led by Sonny White. Limitless Space Institute is give $250k and $100k grants. They gave a $500k grant to Helicity Space, which is working on a near-term fusion drive. Tjhe Limitless Space Institute, funded by the Breakthrough Institute, is providing funding comparable to NASA NIAC.

They have funded a Texas A&M project to create a one-megawatt nuclear fission reactor for space power and propulsion.

They are doing some work on Dynamic Casimir physics. They believe that nanostructures seem to enable something that has some measurements similar to a nanowarp bubble. It is early and they need to enhance the effect to impact optical properties.

4 thoughts on “Limitless Space Studying Nanowarp Bubbles and Funding Breakthrough Power and Propulsion”

  1. Don’t think that he (Dr. Harold (Sonny) White will get very far in his admittedly intriguing work unless he is willing to consider the evidence of UAP (TicTak, Go-fast) and such. The idea that the speed of light in properly engineered meta-materials is many order of magnitude slower than vacuum “c”.

  2. This is awesome. I can’t wait to see where all this goes, always been fascinated by it. There’s another engineer in Houston, Texas (Dr. Chance Glenn) who’s also hopefully going to start an experiment soon that will be using an interferometer to measure a warp bubble. It has to do thing things that are over my head, dielectric constants, RF and such, but it’s very interesting and sounds very interesting.

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