SpaceX Plans to Launch Twice Today

SpaceX had seven launches in January, 2023 and should have five in February by the end of today.

The two missions are scheduled to launch at 2:12 p.m. and 10:59 p.m. ET.

There will be a Starlink mission today 2:12pm EST.

There will also be an Inmarsat mission 10:59 pm EST.

There should be two more Starlink missions in February and a Crew Dragon mission for NASA. The Crew Dragon will be the last USCV launch out of original NASA award of six Crew Dragon missions. This mission will carry four astronauts and 100 kg (220 lb) of cargo to the ISS. Dragon will stay as a lifeboat to evacuate astronauts from ISS in case of an emergency.

There should be ten Falcon 9 launches in March. There should be four Starlink missions and a cargo mission to the Space Station.

April, May and June should each see one Falcon Heavy launch.

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  1. Remember the times, when I was waiting for every launch live stream.

    They will launch lot of private flights(Polaris program, Axiom) to ISS.

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