SpaceX Super Heavy 33 Raptor Engine Static Fire Today

SpaceX Gwynne Shotwell said Wednesday that tomorrow SpaceX will perform a full “static fire” test, during which SpaceX will ignite all 33 Raptor 2 engines on the Super Heavy booster at once. If no major issues arise from the test, SpaceX could attempt the first orbital launch of Starship within the next month.

UPDATE: Nextbigfuture has a new article with embedded links to the live video feeds of the SpaceX Super Heavy Booster as we wait for the 33-engine static fire today.

This will be two weeks after Starship’s wet dress rehearsal.

After a static fire, the booster will be taken back to the hanger for inspection. If everything is good then they will wait for FAA clearance for orbital launch.

A previous SpaceX Super Heavy static fire was for 14 engines. The 33 engine static fire will be 2.35 times bigger.

5 thoughts on “SpaceX Super Heavy 33 Raptor Engine Static Fire Today”

    • They may have been, for political reasons, ordered to obstruct Musk, but NASA AND the DOD both being highly reliant on Starship being a success probably limits how much obstruction they can get away with.

      Also, if they go too far, Musk can always move his work to the Cape, where the FAA has much less leverage, so there’s an ‘optimum’ level of obstruction here that they need to avoid exceeding. They have to avoid being such a pain in the ass that Musk decides that move is less painful.

  1. Will we finally see orbital this year or will it take another 2 years in SLS style?
    So long since Tesla released new vehicle, Cybertruck still not released in 2023,.. They are kinda slow, like other companies. Is Twiter more important now? Musk became richer, fatter and slower.

    • Well, it may take a while. Sometimes doing the impossible takes time.

      Here’s to you, Elon, and your incredible group of engineers, construction crew, and administrators. While a legion of jealous and worthless critics mock you, you just keep powering onward. God speed, my friends…

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