Tesla Hardware 4 Technology Improvements

Tesla FSD (Full Self Driving) Hardware 4 has almost double the compute cores and three neural network chips. The FSD HW4 system has more cameras. The motherboard has room for additional improvements.

Tesla will be adding back a radar. It will be high-definition radar.

5 thoughts on “Tesla Hardware 4 Technology Improvements”

  1. I wonder if the “TRIP cores” referenced in the photo refer to the EDGE ISA based TRIPS µArchitecture from the 2000s?

    TRIPS = Tera-op, Reliable, Intelligently adaptive Processing System.

    EDGE = Explicit Data Graph Execution.

    Microsoft carried on the research under the guise of another µArch called E2 for a while, but that research went dark years ago during the late 2010s.

  2. I have a lot of respect for people who can move away from publicly stated positions. It’s better to do the right thing than to continue to defend old positions. Radar makes sense since machines don’t need to work with the same constraints that evolution bestowed on humans.

    • The reasons for not using RADAR are more likely based on safety regulation avoidance and costs.

      RADAR in constant use has the potential to be a health hazard and therefore must be regulated (increasing costs), and the addition of the sensors and extra compute to handle the data is extra costs again.

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